ImpressArt Hand Stamped Mandala Bracelet

Turn your stamping block in a diamond
shape in front of you and place your bracelet blank on the block. Then use a ruler and a marker
to draw a line horizontally and vertically across your blank. Now you’re going to take your stamp guide book and you’re going to go towards
the back of the book and remove a pattern grid. And you’re going to center
this pattern grid on your bracelet blank making sure that two of the orange lines
match up exactly with the black lines that you drew on your blank. Now you’re going to take your Large Flower stamp and you’re going to center it on your
pattern grid and use the Tap & Tilt technique to stamp a full impression. Next take your Petal stamp. And you’re going to
use the lines and circles as guides and you’re going to stamp this design around
your Large Flower. Remember you want to make sure that
the ImpressArt logo is facing you. And you’ll rotate the block as you stamp to make sure
that your impressions are stamped in the correct direction. Next, take the Small Flower stamp and
again use the lines and circles as guides to stamp this design around and in
between your impressions. And now I’m just gonna take our petal
stamp and I’m going to just fill up the pattern grid until I reach the outside edge. And remember that you are the designer,
so use your creativity and any other inspiration to stamp your own unique
pattern on your bracelet. So now you’re going to lift your bracelet blank up,
making sure that the pattern grid is still attached to the blank and
you’re going to slide your bracelet blank over on the block. Then you’ll take
another pattern grid out of your stamp guide book and you’re going to adhere
this pattern grid onto your bracelet blank, making sure that the grids
connect and you’re just going to stamp the same symmetrical pattern on this grid as
you did your first grid. Again you’re going to lift up your bracelet
from the block, leaving the pattern grids attached to the blank. But this time, you’re going to
slide your bracelet blank over to the other side of the stamping block and
you’re going to follow the same technique to stamp a third pattern grid
onto your bracelet blank After you’re done stamping, you’re just
going to remove your bracelet blank from your stamping block as well as the
pattern grids from your bracelet blank. Take a paper towel with a little bit of
rubbing alcohol on it to remove the marker from the bracelet blank as well as any
remaining pattern grid stuck inside the impressions. Then take your green stamp enamel marker
and highlight your impressions and you’ll wait 3 – 5 minutes, give or take,
until the enamel dries completely. Once dry, take a paper towel and lightly wipe away the
excess enamel from the surface of the blank. Now you’ll take your Bracelet Bending Bar an
you’ll place your bracelet into the channel with the impression side facing up. You’ll hold it
firmly in place with your thumb then take the palm of your hand and bend
the bracelet halfway around the bar. Then you’ll flip the bracelet over and again
you’ll bend the bracelet halfway around the bar. Remember this is a 5/8″ bracelet
so it may be a little bit harder to bend. So if you have to, you can go back into
the original side and continue shaping it. Finally you’ll continue to round out the bracelet
with your Bracelet Bending Pliers You’ll start in the center and give one good squeeze and then you’ll squeeze and release the pliers working
your way towards the end of the bracelet, flipping the bracelet over and following the same
technique until your bracelet is a nice round circle.

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