Initial Firing of your Traeger Grill – Traeger Maintenance

Hey guys, this is Brad at Traeger. Today
I’m going to talk to you about the initial firing of your grill, we want to
make sure that you do this because there are some manufacturing oils inside the
grill we just need to remove. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to do this, super
simple to do and in no time you’ll be up and ready to start traegering. To start
make sure that it’s plugged into a grounded outlet. You’re going to want to
remove all the different parts inside of your grill, that’s the grill grate, the
grease pan or the drip tray and the heat baffle. Then you’re going to turn
your grill to the on position and turn the dial to smoke. We’re going to confirm that the Auger
inside your hopper is actually spinning and you’re going to go inside your grill
and confirm that the draft induction fan is blowing air throughout your grill.
Put your hand over the fire-pot to feel that air and also feel that the hot rod
is warming up. Make sure you do not stick your hands inside the fire pot because
you may burn your fingers. Once you confirm that all the parts of your grill
are working properly, turn the controller to the shutdown cycle, this will keep the
fan running for about 10 minutes. After that 10 minutes we’re ready to charge
the auger of your grill. To charge the auger you’re going to want to fill your
pellet hopper with Traeger branded pellets. Will then turn your controller
to the on position turn the dial all the way to high and let the auger spin
pellets, should take a couple minutes for pellets to reach the fire-pot at which
point you’ll go back to your controller turn it to the shutdown cycle and let
the fan run until it turns off. Now that the auger is charged turn your
controller back to the on position and set the temperature dial to smoke. Wait until you see some smoke coming
from the inside of your grill and then you’re going to replace the heat baffle
the drip tray and the grill grate. Your grill smoking now, we want to wait until
we hear the jet engine sound that’s coming from your grill. This ensures that you have a solid flame
in your fire-pot at which point you’ll close the lid of your grill, turn the
temperature dial too high and you’ll be on that cycle for 45 minutes to burn in
your grill. After the 45 minutes of your burning you are ready to Traeger. Go
ahead and set the temperature dial on your controller to your desired
temperature and off you go cooking awesome delicious food. Make sure to check out all the other videos on Register your grill on our website and if you do have any questions about your grill call 1800
Traeger. Traeger on.


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