KAHVERENGİ YİYECEKLER | Magnum, Nutella, Biscolata, Maltesers, Bubble Tea, Donut | ASMR TÜRKÇE

Hello… i decided to make Brown Foods day we are slowly coming to the end of one colour party concept… This was the easiest because everything from chocolate was brown Finding and making these was so easy. just this awesome tapioca pearl bubble teas making is a little bit long for me tapioca pearl with chocolate mocha there is also a pudding before start please…… :)))) please dont forget to subscribe my channel and like my video and activate notifications… these are so important to support me … these are maltesers jelly man shoe it is a little bit dark because of food colouring these two taste good :)) take out this red colour and this intense chocolate too much sweet with these concepts, thats enought 🙂 these desserts were enough for me for a week. so dont expect me to eat them all. i love to drink these tapica pearl, its really funny i take home made tapioca pearl recipe video, you can find it in my 2. channel in here you can make it just at home because you can not find it in Turkey its the end of the video i hope you enjoyed this video please dont forget to subscribe my channel, like my video and follow me on instagram love you so much see you on next video… bye….


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