Kelly Slater and Co. Open Up About Text Thread | Momentum Generation | HBO

It’s almost four years in now. It started on Christmas
four years ago.I sent this text out
to like 17 or 18 of my friends
and I didn’t know
it was gonna last more than like,
a day or two. I wake up in the morning,
I have 155 text messages. People start, “Yeah,
you remember that time we did this and did that?” Someone’s gonna say
something stupid at some point in time and then everyone’s
gonna jump on him and then we’re all
gonna make fun of it and laugh and it’s been going on
for years. I thought it would fade out
but it just seems to be getting stronger. It’s gonna land us all in jail
at one point so I try to delete every day. I’m not sure if there’s rules
of the text thread but there should–
You should delete every day. The thread kinda pulls us
all together in this one concise place
where we can alljust be us and be real.
It’s pretty special.
I don’t let my wife look at it.
Sometimes… mostly not. Our text thread is a way for us
to all be in each other’s lives every day. When you have that
with a group of guysthat you’ve known
your whole life,
it’s almost like drinking beers
with the guys every single day.


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