King Fish String Figure – step by step tutorial

This is the king fish. I’m going to teach you how to make the King fish. Notice it’s different than Notice it’s different than jacob’s ladder because it only has three diamonds instead of four and there are less steps to make the king fish as well, and there is a trick you can do with your friends on this one. To make the king fish, start off with the string over both palms pick it up off each opposite palm this is called opening A next your gonna drop the right pointer then take the left pointer and reach down and grab the palm string on the same hand drop the left pinky and thumb Let it slide off the pointer reposition your left hand so the string is over your palm again Bring your left hand over to your right and reaching your finger down grab the palm string twist it up and toward you the next part is a bit tricky take your right pointer reach in between the two thumb strings and you’re going to go over and reach pick up this first one in front of the
pinky Next, the string that is down here pinky is going to grab it left hand is going to grab this one basically is the first string in front of each pinky notice I’m keeping this string high on my pointer i’m going to put my pinkies in here the string on the back of my pinkies is going to slide off Now I’m going to turn my hands away from me last thing you have to do you, notice the pointer string is still high on my finger, now just drop the thumbs. You’ve made king fish! there’s a trick you can do to your friend with this.
Have your friend put their finger in the center diamond ask them to choose left or right if they pull left there figure will be caught but if they choose to the right, their finger will be free. Ask your friend to put their finger in the center diamond. if you pull left they are caught. But if your friend has their finger in and you pull
to the right, they are free! Okay one more time: Start with opening A Drop the pointer grab the palm string with your left ponter reposition your hand grab the opposite palm string going down twist it towards you then grab the string on the pinky, but do it going through the thumb strings. let me show you that again put your finger in here, then grab the pinky string keep it at the tip of your pointer finger This string here is for my pinky. Put your pinky on that, and on that the back string pinkies will slide off, then turn my hands away Drop the thumbs. Please subscribe!


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