Larsen Strings for Violin “Il Cannone” Presentation by Rusanda Panfili

[Music] how does andhe what I doing here hi there well we are here in one of the most important art galleries in Romania art mark and one of my hobbies is painting I love to see music in pictures so I came here to find some inspiration okay but I suppose you don’t always practice in our galleries right is there a special reason why you’re here today as a matter of fact there is I would like to present you my strings and they are the newest strings on the market by Larson in canonic so I was involved in the process of creation together with the engineers from Larsen strings and I can tell you that in Canon a set is really amazing these strings are versatile they are stable they are durable and they are very powerful they come in two versions medium and soloist the medium set is a very balanced set which will probably work on any violin and the soloist is a stronger string that gives you that extra kick and power if you need it so I decided to have a mix I am playing GD and a medium and the E string is a soloist I find this combination perfect for my violin because it’s very balanced and all strings are in perfect harmony [Music] the g-string is a very important string for a soloist for a violinist in general but it has to be strong and warm and soft at the same time it’s really hard to find this combination [Music] I love making a lot of colors when I play and I like to experiment with sound as well so I think for that the middle strings are very important so D and a [Music] [Music] the e-string soloist is so powerful and brilliant I really love it when playing a Bach party tower Sonata it is really important to have all your strings in perfect balance because we play a lot of empty strings so none of it should stand out you can hear that really well for example in the beginning of the Chicago I like these drinks a lot because they improve the sound of my violin they’re also very stable in rough weather conditions such as extreme humidity heat or cold and they are durable sometimes I even have to remind myself to change them because they don’t really lose on quality brilliance or intonation they do need a few hours of playing after you attach them to reach their best sound so now that I attach this wonderful strings to my violin I’m looking forward to start playing them I hope I convinced you to give them a try and you convince yourself how wonderful they are I’m a fan if you would like to hear the Ilocano name by Larson strings live in concert please check my website and my future events and maybe I’m playing somewhere near you and you can have the chance to listen to them life also don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel if you would like to watch other videos of my live performances and also give a like to this video thanks a lot bye [Music] you [Music]


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