Learn how to create the Peachy Petals Earrings by Fusion Beads

– [Allison] Hi, welcome to Fusion Beads. Today, I’m gonna show you how to make the Peachy Petals earrings. These earrings are made using this French beaded flower technique, with seed beads in these fun peach hues. We have tons of size 11 seed beads, so you can really create
them in any color you choose. (light music) To make these earrings,
you’re going to need the galvanized matte
muscat duracoat seed beads, the galvanized matte pink
blush duracoat seed beads, and the galvanized matte
berry duracoat seed beads. You’re also gonna need a
pair of the 11 millimeter, gold base metal French ear wires. And then four feet of the 24
gauge round artistic wire, in tarnish resistant brass. For the tools, you’ll
need round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, and wire cutters. You can find all of the product links in the description below. Okay, let’s get started. Okay, so to make the
peachy petals earrings, you first wanna cut about
a four foot length of wire. And then with the end of this wire, you just wanna create a little loop here. And this is just to keep your beads from falling off. I just prefer to have that there so you won’t lose any beads. Okay, so then on the
other end of the wire, you just wanna string five
of the muscat seed beads. Okay, then I just wanna bring that a couple inches from the top
of that other end of the wire. And then down below that,
you’re just gonna create a loop. So let’s just create a little loop. And then what we’re gonna
do is just hold that, and then just twist that wire down. And this is gonna be the stem part of your earring,
your French beaded flower. Let’s just create a little
stem right below it, just like that. And you just wanna have your, a couple inches of room left above. And just make sure your
wire is nice and straight. Okay, and then from here, we wanna create the second row. So do to do that, we’re
going to string eight of the pink blush seed beads. And that’s gonna be on your feed wire. So this wire now, is your feed wire, and then this here’s the stem. And this is called the basic wire. And then these are the basic beads. Okay, so then just
string those eight beads. Okay, so once you have
all eight of that color, you just bring it all the way down. And then this wire, you’re
just gonna bring right up to the top of that first row. And then you’re just
gonna go over and around that basic wire. So it’ll be coming over on this side. Okay, so then once you have
this side here anchored, we’re just gonna repeat that down for the other side here, to
create that second little oval. Okay, so we’re gonna add another eight of that pink blush seed bead. Okay, oops. Let’s see, that is … Okay, and then just bring that down. Okay, so now you’re just
gonna be on the other side. Oops, there we go. And then you’re going to want to do the same thing. So you’re gonna go over the wire, over the stem of the wire, and then just wrap it behind and back over to the other side. And that’s just gonna anchor that second color right in place. And now we just wanna do our third color, which is gonna be this
berry duracoat seed bead. And with that, we want
to string 13 of those. Okay, three more. Okay. So bring those 13 beads down, and then you’re just gonna curve up. And then you’re gonna go right to the top, right next to that second color. And go over, and back down and around that basic wire right here. Okay, and then you’re
just gonna be coming out on this side. So I just wanna repeat that. 13 beads for the other side. Okay, one more. Okay, let’s bring that down. Okay. And then same thing,
just go over the stem. Under, and then back
around to the other side, just to anchor that down. You can kind of move around a little bit, so they’re right where you want them. Okay, so there you have
three of the colors. So that’s pretty much three rings made. And now we’re just gonna wanna continue that same pattern. So we’re right there, so continue that using the muscat, the pink blush, and then the berry seed beads, until we get all those rows done. So this first row had five. This second one had eight beads. This one has 13. So the next one will
have 18, 23, 28, 33, 38, and then this last row is gonna be 43. So I’m gonna go ahead and do those, just like this here,
and I’ll be right back. Okay, so now you can see that I have all of my rows complete. So from here, I have my feed wire tail. So what I need to do, is just wrap that down the stem a few times. Just, maybe three or four. Okay, and then take your wire cutters, and you could just cut that. And then you can just cut that stem right at the end where
you wrapped down the wire. And now from here, you don’t
want this sticking out, so you just wanna take your
chain nose, and just … Just bend it. Just bend it and just
tuck it up to the earring, so it doesn’t snag on anything. Okay. So you just wanna make sure
it’s all shaped properly. And then you can see too, that there’s definitely a
backside to your earring, and a front side, because
the wire is not as exposed on the front as it is on the back. Okay, so then once you
have the bottom tucked, you just wanna create a wire
wrap loop here at the top. So to do that, I’m just gonna
cut off that little top one. So leaving a little bit of room, just gonna bend 90 degrees. And then take your round nose, and just rotate the wire. Around, just like that,
to create your loop. And then take your chain nose pliers, and hold onto that loop. And then you just wanna
wrap down about three times. Just until it’s nice and
snug against the bead there. So then just take your chain,
or, take your wire cutters, and snip that tail. Okay, so there you have
your wire wrap loop. And then from here, you just
wanna add your ear wire. And you can just kind of put this down. And straighten the wire out a little bit. Okay, so then just open
up your loop there. And then making sure that
this will be on the back. This side’s on the front. So put your ear wire through. Close it back up. Okay, and there you have one earring. And then you just wanna
repeat that for the other one. And now you have a cute pair
of peachy petals earrings to wear this summer, or any time of year. You can find all of the tools
and materials for this design at FusionBeads.com (light music)


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