Learn how to make the Wrapped in Pearls Bracelets by Fusion Beads

– [Allie] Hi welcome to Fusion Beads. Today I’m gonna show you how to make our Wrapped in Pearls Bangle Bracelets. This design has been really
popular the last few years and it’s actually really easy to make, even for beginners. All you’re gonna need
is 27 eight millimeter pearlescent white Swarovski
crystal round pearl beads, 24 gauge wire, 20 gauge
wire, some hypo tube cement, your wire cutters, tape measurer,
and this 3D bracelet jig. This 3D bracelet jig is used
for making all sorts of bangles and cuff bracelets and
even curved components. When you purchase it, it comes with pegs to fit in these holes and
instructions on how to make multiple bracelet forms. But I won’t be needing the
pegs today for this design. Alright let’s go ahead and get started. To make this wrapped in pearl set you’re first gonna wanna cut 30 inches of your 20 gauge wire. You gonna wanna take your wire and you’re just gonna
want to anchor one end to the jig so you’re just going
to put that through the hole and bend the wire. Just like that. And now you wanna wrap
your wire around the jig three times. You wanna make sure that each wrap is sitting next to previous one, flat against the jig. And make sure you pull kinda tight. Okay. You wanna have a little extra for a tail. So maybe a couple inches extra. Now you’re just gonna wanna
take your wire cutters and just cut off that little piece that was anchored through the hole. Take that off. Okay now you’re just gonna
wanna slide your bangle off the jig, making sure
it’s gonna stay in place. Okay you wanna take the ends of your wire and just wrap them around
just a couple times to secure it. Do that same thing with
the other end here. Okay now you just want
to take your wire cutters and just cut those tails off. And that’s how you make your first little bangle bracelet form. So now at this point
you’re just gonna wanna take your 24 gauge wire and measure a 36 inch length. You’re gonna wanna anchor one end to this spot right here just right before that first wrap of the 20 gauge wire. You’re gonna wanna wrap
it around eight times. Okay. There you go, and now you’re gonna want to string three of your pearl beads. Okay just bring them
down to your bangle here. Okay you just wanna take your
thumb, kinda press ’em down so they’re just right
on top of the bangle. And you’re just gonna wanna
wrap four times around. Okay, just like that. So now that’s anchored on. And you’re gonna wanna
go in front of the bead, bring your wire through and
you’re just going to anchor it down right between these two pearls. And then you’re gonna
wanna do the same thing right between those two pearls. Okay now you’re just gonna wanna repeat that a couple of times in between the two pearls. Okay and now you’re gonna
just want to go around behind this pearl, and we’re gonna wrap around 10 times. You could wrap a little bit
less or a little bit more, it’s kind of up to you and
the look that you want. So after you have your wraps
you’re just gonna go right back down to the base of the bangle, secure your 24 gauge wire to that by wrapping four more times. Okay and there you have
one of the pearl units. So you just wanna take your wire cutters, and trim the tails. Just trim as close as you can get to the bangle. And at this point if you prefer, you can use hypo tube cement
and just dab a little bit on those ends and that will
keep anything from snagging. So this bangle bracelet
set or this bangle bracelet is nine inches so you’re gonna
want to measure three inches from this first one to create your second unit. So you’d measure three inches
and create your second one, and then you’d do the same
thing for the third one. And then all you’re gonna need
to do is repeat that two more times and you’ll have a nice set of three. You can find all the beads,
wire, and tools to make this Wrapped in Pearls Bracelet
set at FusionBeads.com.

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