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I’m sure you’re all wondering why I
gathered you here today hey crafters what’s up it’s Amanda here
I Crocker’s autonomous hi and I am decked I from the first slice of life so
something that you all know is a passion of mine is crochet crochet involves the
yarn and so therefore yarn is one of my passions that sounds really weird like
throwing is my passion but no seriously I love yarn I love going to the store
and try out new yarn and back by here actually crochet is also I like to
crochet I use a bunch of different yarns how long have you been crocheting for I
think are saying for probably what maybe five years now
I feel that so long I’ve known how to crochet but the past like two years is
been it actually like started crocheting stuff yeah and she’s gotten really good
over the last couple years and then I’ve been crocheting for probably I guess
probably about like eight years now maybe something around there so anyways
I love trying out new yarns Beck PI crochet and she likes to play with yarn
so today I am going to be bringing you a yarn review and the yarn we are going to
be featuring is a yarn that we have both try both absolutely love I mean I love
the orange do you love it oh yeah okay so the yarn I’m going to be showing
today is mandala yarn so this is by Lion Brand it’s funny Lion Brand has like the
most exotic yarns and like every time they come out with a new yarn I’m like
obsessed with they’re like oh it’s my new favorite so anyways this is one I’ve
been using a lot lately and so we’re just going to talk through some
different projects the different yarn colors and just what we like and don’t
like about the yarn so back pad I think you actually started working with it
before I did yeah I have this project here that I’m working on I’ve shown it
is what size sucker you are you using with that project I am using I believe
it’s an H yeah that’s what the yarn packaging recommends I used an H with it
too and gotten pretty good results so look this is what I’m working on it’s
be kind of like a poncho thing it’s gonna be a square with a hole in the
middle and then it’ll like go like this and
then the other square I mean the other triangle will go across my back
what kind of stitch is that this is the corner to corner crochet sorry let’s
hold this up again here’s what makes me and Ally yarn super cool is basically
it’s self striping yarn so basically what that means is it’s kind of like a
variegated no matter where it changes color but it goes in really long runs up
the color and the color scent to kind of fade into each other more so you have
these really smooth transitions so what’s neat about this is you got all
these really cool colors these color fades this ombre pattern but did you
have to change your at all I did not yeah so that’s what makes
mandala yarn really cool is you have these kind of random free just color
changes and your pattern but they’re really nice color changes because the
colors blend together really well they’re really pretty colors and there’s
lots of options so yeah this is sort of super pretty you know how long have you
been working on this for probably about a year now I haven’t worked on it in a
while but I’m gonna keep working on it I know that’s the problem with crochet
it’s like I can only buy so much yarn but even then I still buy more going
than I could possibly crochet with all at once but I still think to myself I’m
like oh I can totally work on all these products at once and then nothing gets
finished right yeah yeah yeah so I’ll show one of
my project you might remember this from like last year and I saw my finished it
but I was working on using it to make a sweater so I’m doing this like cool
cable pattern I’m gonna make my loop here bigger so I
wanna wrap up while I’m showing you and I’m actually using a size G hook with
this just went down a little bit smaller and this is the same coloration as this
guy so again it’s doing the self striping creating these cool blocks of
color but they all kind of fade in together you can kind of see the cables
on the front there this color Amanda is using is called a
wizard oh yeah what was the color you showed in your shop color I used most
genie I really love that yeah super pretty that’s ones then were really
popular when I’ve seen lots of people doing pressure back I don’t know I just
went with this yarn for the sweater because I’m kind of making it up as I go
so I feel like as long as I have pretty enough colors and like crazy color
changes the battle kind of if it looks tacky it’ll kind of take away from that
aspect I don’t know really cool see ya I’m excited for it I think they’re just
really pretty colors and there’s lots of them like I’ve got I’ve only mainly done
these like oranges and purples and Pink’s but I’m getting into more light
greens and yellows so that’ll be cool I’ve definitely got a ways to go and
hopefully I’m finished this coming fall not making any promises
so overall is the yarn do you think the yarns easy to get a hang of to use yeah
it’s easy to use the one thing I will say it doesn’t unravel well because it
gets caught on itself so a lot of times I’ll be unraveling unravel a few
stitches and then I don’t get caught in like a knot so I’ll have to take my
scissors and I’ll just kind of snip it the little threads until it gets undone
without completely cutting the yarn yeah that’s a really good point so what I
love about this yarn is it’s pretty pretty standard kind of Dorne
it’s very soft it’s a hundred percent acrylic but yeah like I said it’s really
soft so it’s nice and cozy to work with it’s not super course it’s a very you
know it’s a thinner thread it’s a lightweight yarn but as she was saying I
think it’s probably the softest I noticed that in yours that are softer
and less they’re like silky soft usually soft retournez they kind of have a
little more grab to them so when you work with them if you do a bunch of
stitches they they kind of grab to the other threads of yarn so what she’s
talking about is when you try to run around while a project let’s say you
make a mistake or you just don’t like how it’s turning out when you start to
unravel it sometimes those fibers they tend to catch really badly and so I can
make frogging it really hard so yeah that’s a good point you can if you’re
careful enough you can kind of use your scissors get in there kind of break it
apart but you risk kind of the yarn in half so obviously don’t do that and your
whole thing’s completely so yarns easy to work with but it does tend to catch a
make it hard to unravel do you have any problems with the yarn splitting I
haven’t noticed that really no I haven’t good about that and I mean like like
she’s using a size H for her poncho thing which is what’s recommended
using a size lower than lots of our command head but I really haven’t had
any problems with splitting the yarn so that’s always nice you don’t have to
worry about that also I have I’ve done some projects that I use a size G hook
and it doesn’t split the yarn either this is my first ami guro me and we
cover me however you say it project that I ever made I made it I don’t know like
not even a month ago she wouldn’t ask up really love me I mean I really felt like
all day close to this camera so not only is that my first a meager ami project
but that I completely made up the pattern so you can see probably that one
of the legs is bigger than the other and the orange had the same size either but
I’ll get better as I go on so yeah I actually made a unicorn for my cousin
using some of this yarn right here this color scheme is actually called unicorn
which is kind of funny so like she was showing with her hippo is this your
action works really well for a making Romy because both it’s a fine yarn so
you can do those really tight stitches but also you can buy one skein and
potentially get all the colors you need for your project instead of needing to
buy some pink and some white and some grey or whatever colors you’re using so
like I was saying I actually you made a unicorn for my cousin I’m hoping to do a
video on that soon it was a crazy week when they were in town if I do a video
on it I’ll tell the story so anyways I didn’t get good footage of the finished
project so I’m hoping to do is face time my cousin and be able to show you the
way it turned out like that so keep an eye out for that if I get that out I’ll
put a comment down below in this video unless I forget it which I might forget
but anyways and you can see how that turned out but yeah the hippo and the
unicorn m8 are great examples of how to use this for a meager rummy another
thing I like to do like with a me guru me I’ve really started to work on a lot
of projects with that and figure out like what I want to do next and
everything is I will buy a very colorful scheme that are cake this one is called
gnome this one came with a bunch of colors
have had some more oranges and yellows and Red’s in it do you have those colors
with you yes I do actually got a ball there underneath the red it’s got some
oranges and yellows but I will go ahead and roll these into balls and I will cut
the different colors out so I can have different colors that I use for
different things so like all unravel all the green and make that into a little
ball and unravel the blue yeah I mean the cakes these are you know a little
bit older I’m not doing this like right as they first are coming out and that’s
what I had seen when they were first I think popular is people would buy them
and then unravel them to get to whatever color they want and then you know they
kind of have like these mini skeins of yarn and before I had used it I was kind
of like as actors for an idea which like I can get it from like a monetary aspect
but also it’s like kind of a pain you know to unwind the yarn but actually I
have used that exact same process and that’s now one of the things that I love
the most about this yarn it’s how you get so many different colors in one
skein yeah and then for unravelling I actually use your hat come on your yarn
like this you err through there and then yeah I’ve got this one this is called
Pegasus it’s really pretty it has some like purples and some dark blues and
winter I can’t see because she’s already brought round it into a ball yeah you’re
like big things we should just unravel the whole thing on camera so they gone
yeah yeah you wouldn’t mind wedding that back up it only took me an hour to
winnow here’s some more of the unicorn I bought that for some projects I was
working on here I’ll show you something that you might recognize these I made
these little crochet quark screws using the unicorn skein that I have so again
great name for a me drumming another project of mine you might recognize you
might whoa dude okay no we’re gonna show you guys this guy dad’s kind of freaky
we can you shut the lights off in here yeah
okay this does not do it justice let me just the line to see if I get it
to be more the way it actually is that’s what this guy looks like it’s crazy okay
hopefully now on the screen you’re seeing the really cool pictures Rebecca
got there’s also a rainbow up there we saw and she ran in the rain at the
Lightning I don’t know what she was thinking
you told me to no I say get a picture not like running out in that field so
yeah okay sorry about that interruption here we are back now a little bit wet
and me with the pudding so let’s finish talking about mandala yarn which
actually where I thought my host guy was like that could be I mean Dalek yarn
color scheme we sunset yes sunset you will like that we’ll have
to look and see if they have something like that Oh
anyways going back to projects that I’ve started I’m like not quite them and I’m
actually getting really close on this one this scarf that I’m doing in
Tunisian crochet I’m actually using a cable technique with these drop stitches
you might remember this from a video I did a few months back but what’s really
cool about this is because I’m working it in these long stripes the color
changes just kind of happen randomly throughout here I’m also planning to use
like the yellow white and peach color here to make some tassels for on the
ends just to kind of give it a little bit more length but it’s really cool the
way the colors work doing you know long stripes and things like this just kind
of different give her what this one’s called this one is this one pixie that
was pixie yes this one is pink see that’s the color scheme and this one has
some really pretty colors within it just like this bluish green here I really
like the yellow the peaches I was like those the blue green actually looks kind
of like the Clara and Jeannie yeah I kinda teary let’s compare them and yeah
they’re pretty similar actually this one’s a little more green and yours is
more blue this one yeah I was like a mint green tone towards it yeah
alright that’s all the skenes that I have do you have any other
you keep whatever left I’ve got this is all from centaur it came with a bunch of
Browns and stuff so again I got it for working on a Negroni here are some more
parts from it just so a lot of Browns it’s an only brown that doesn’t have any
other colors I think it might have had a little bit of like a bluish color with
it yeah that is the downside of like attaching and detaching the colors then
you’re like where which color goes with which ski you know so there you have it
that is lion brand’s mandala yarn again lots of projects that I’ve gone finish
up lots of cool projects that Beth is finished have anything okay hopefully
I’ll have a video with the Finnish unicorn to show that yes I do finish
projects that I start but again great yarn
I definitely love it very versatile so hopefully this kind of helps you see the
beauty and just the real unique aspects of this yarn and maybe it gives you some
ideas of what to use your mandela yarn to crochet on your way out do not do not
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