Longevity and The Rolling Stones

How do you perform with passion and
purpose, not just today but for a lifetime? This week we went to Boston to learn
longevity lessons from the Rolling Stones. I had planned to see the Stones with my
son during last month’s trip to Boston. But then Mick Jagger underwent heart
surgery. Not an emergency, just proactive. And it was a huge success and a quick
recovery. So, they rescheduled the tour dates and I returned to Boston
for not just one, but two, amazing concerts with my son. Longevity is something that I
think about a lot. And there’s a huge difference between getting old and
growing older. The first is an unfortunate consequence. And the
second, is an intentional plan of action. Personally, I want to be healthy,
agile, productive, and relevant, for a long time to come. So, who better to learn
from than the 75 year old front man of the world’s biggest band? But first, we braved the rain at Fenway
Park to see Phish. The iconic 90s jam band whose legendary following is
among the most loyal in music because Phish always puts on an amazing show
rain or shine. It was fantastic. Actually earlier that afternoon
was a bonus. Stones bassist, Darryl Jones, did a two
hour master class at Berklee sharing about his career, which spanned decades
and genres. Playing with legends like Miles Davis, Sting, and his 25 years with
Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie. Darryl talked about how to grow skills
build relationships and continue to challenge yourself constantly. And then we saw the Stones. We
experienced how the power of classic music, astounding production, and
personal passion, could fill an entire stadium. This dude just had heart
surgery? Yep. And then he quickly resumed his disciplined dedication to
exercise, nutrition and music that he loves. So how do we grow older, rather than
getting old? Here are three keys? First, grow healthy. When you’re young you can get away with
a lot and then you can’t. And so every year get a little bit better at taking care of
you. Address what needs addressing. Adopt better habits and routines. Not
because you have to, but because healthy feels good. Second, grow curious. With age comes wisdom right? But not for
everyone. There are some well aged men and women who aren’t especially wise.
And wisdom isn’t about proving what you know, it’s about discovering more
of what you don’t yet know. And third, grow relationships. The quality of your life, is the quality of
your relationships. And in the end, it comes down to you and your
family and friends, sharing moments together. Talking about what you’ve
experienced. And maybe, even performing for some fans of your own. It’s not about the size of the stage, it’s
about owning the stage that you occupy. So embrace your age and then look
forward to growing better, growing wiser, and even growing older.
Until next week keep rockin and stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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