Make Same Size Wire Loops Jewelry Making Tutorial for Bead Dangles, Earrings, Bracelets & Necklaces

hidey-ho Christine here from how- and here we are with our very first tech Tuesday. In this
tech Tuesday video we’re going to be talking about making consistent size
loops. So why do we care? Well obviously we care because if we’re making earrings
and we want them to be the same length then we need consistent loops if we want to
be really neat and tidy Maybe we want nice loops
because perfection is our goal in life as mine always is 🙂 I have here some wire, and some round
nose pliers and my trimmers. I’m just going to take my wire cutters here and cut
a few pieces of wire, and I’m gonna show you something… You know how the books and the videos and stuff… They show you how to
make a simple loop and they show you these ridiculous pictures. And if you
follow the pictures here’s what happens: They tell you to make a little bend,
and then you take your round nose pliers Then they say to just make a loop.
Now here’s what usually happens if you follow those pictures. You end up with
a loop like this… or you end up with a loop like this… which isn’t a really loop.
And then it kind of looks like that. I I don’t like those pictures and I
don’t like what they tell you to do. So here’s what you really want to do. We are going to trim the end so the ends are cut flush. I have my round
nose pliers. Next you are going to NOT make that little bend first. Instead and you will
wrap your wire around the pliers like so… Adjust as you need to. And then when you
get that little loop you just push that little bit of wire and then
you have a perfect little bend in the loop exactly where it’s supposed to be. Now we will to talk about how to
make those consistent sized loops. I’m just taking a marker here and I’m going
to mark on my pliers just a little notch. I know you can’t see very well in the
video but there’s a little dot on each side of the pliers at a very specific point. So now that I have that point, I know exactly where to place the wire and I know exactly where to position that wire to make the exact same
sized loops. So there’s my little loop… Now I will make another little loop
and magically it’s going to be exactly the same size. See my little… well you
can’t really see but trust me it is at the exact same point where I made my
little marker mark and if all goes well, I won’t be called a liar and
it will be the exact same size as the other loop. Let’s let’s check it out and
see how magical look the same size. Little pleasures 🙂


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