Make your own Machine to create Rolled Paper Beads Tutorial

hey there so happy new year and I was
inspired to make a new DIY video because I had invented this machine to make wire
spirals and I thought wouldn’t it be a great idea to make little paper beads
with the same type of machine so after a little bit of trial and error I
perfected the design so here’s the little bead and here’s the machine and I’m going to show you how to make it very easily. I’m going to show
you how to make these very cute little paper beads and you can make your own
machine to make these paper beads and the materials and tools you’re going to
need are magazine pages or any kind of paper you want to make the beads out of
this is a good size to make the tool I’m going to need the yogurt pot and we’re
also going to need a glue stick this is the lacquer that I put to
varnish you can use any kind of varnish for the beads, we’re going to need
masking tape, duct tape, we’re going to need cutters, flat pliers, round pliers, a
hole punch, exacto knife and the wire we’re going to use is a 1.5 millimeter
aluminum wire and any kind of thick wire will do and a ruler. To get started
I’m going to actually show you the original one I made which was like this
with the yogurt pot so I had actually cut a hole in the bottom to hold it down
with a clamp but for this one because it’s more lightweight
I’m not going to use the clamp from this original one it was for making wire
spirals and I actually made the part that turns around out of a coat hanger
so this is just a history of how I came up with the idea
so for this one we’re going to take our yogurt pot and we’re going to cut two
holes one here above the rim and then the
other one will be at the exact opposite side the same height on the yogurt pot
do a little hole punch that’s how we’re going to get started
and then we’re actually going to instead of using the clamp I’m just going to
stick it to the table with duct tape I haven’t tried this yet but I’m assuming it’s going to work I’ve also experimented with filling up the pot up with sand or
rocks to make it heavy just you just need it to hold its weight down so it
won’t jiggle around so I’m going to try it with duct tape now we’re just going
to tape it to the table. To make the little handle that you wind around
we’re going to take our wire I’m going to cut a piece that’s approximately two
feet long you can cut it a little longer if you’re not sure. We’re going to fold it in half we’re going to fold it exactly in half this end is going to be sort of our handle so
we’ll fold it in half and then if you want to just squish that end down with
the flat pliers you can this wire is very kind of wobbly but it’s alright
because we’re working with paper it doesn’t have to be super strong so
I’ll just go by what I did before this is how the tool is going to
look so what we want to do is bend it up leave a couple inches to hold the handle
so bend it up bend it down about an inch it’s about a couple inches
this one’s about an inch we’re bending both wires together and we’re going to
bend it out like that Then what you can do is actually
measure it on the pot because this is going to be the end you’re going to
wind and this is going to be the end where you have your beads so I would
leave a good two-three inches here and then we’re going to cut it like that and
what we need to do because you want these wires to kind of stick together a
little bit I just get a little bit of masking tape and you want to make sure
you leave enough of an end to do the bead so I would say an inch and a half
or so from the end we’re going to tape it together
because we want these two wires to be together so we’ll just wind it around
like that, so you want these to be as close together as you can
that’s basically your tool so now we’re going to stick the tool into the first
hole and then out through the other hole and so now this is set up to make the
beads and then to make the beads we’re going to take our paper the cutting
board here you can measure but it’s not super necessary I just kind of wing it
you need it to be like a long triangle shape so I’m going to cut it
on a bit of an angle this one you want this end
to be wider than that end this end is going to be about 3/4 of an inch
maybe as much as an inch at the most it would be ideal to have an
equilateral triangle but it’s not a huge deal if it’s not perfect one just ripped a bit just be careful
that your your exacto knife is nice and sharp so you get a nice clean cut so
there’s our triangle and so now we’re going to prepare the glue so
it’s ready so I don’t have to fiddle with it to glue it at the ends we get
the glue ready and what we want to do this is the really important part we want the good side the side you want to show on underneath and we’re going to slide this paper in through the two wires so we have it slid
through the two wires and then we’re going to bend this down a little
bit I would say maybe it’s about an eighth of an inch that you’re bending
down and now we’re going to start twisting it so you start it by hand you
twist it a little bit and then you actually get your handle and you twist
you just keep turning turning turning and while you’re turning you’re making
sure that this end stays centered on the bead we’re just going to make sure the
end stays centered and then when you get say two inches from the end you can
actually with your thumb and finger you just make sure you put a bit of
glue on there and then we’re going to finish and give it a little bit of a
pinch to make sure the glued end stays then we’re going to just carefully slide it off and there you have your bead all ready to go and
just cut a piece of this wire and actually if you cut
this wire long enough you can string a few beads on there so now we’re just
going to carefully string it back on another wire and then at that point you
can get your lacquer and just with the paintbrush paint all the way around and
then just put this somewhere to dry and then once it’s dry it’s going to look
like these shiny beads


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