Making a WHITE PEARL Doll! (Steven Universe) [CC]

H everyone, it’s Hannah and welcome to
another doll customization video Today I’m going to be doing White Pearl from
Steven Universe Spoilers up ahead if you’re not cut up… Ca- I can’t talk Spoilers if you haven’t caught up in Steven Universe Um, skip ahead like 10 seconds or so … 15 maybe Starting now I know that this is Pink Pearl but I’m going to be making her white version, her corrupted
version and so I will be calling it White Pearl vs. Pink Pearl because later
I will make a Pink Pearl, her real form and that will be fun I am so sorry that it’s
been over a month I think since the last video I’m definitely gonna try and be
more consistent in uploading videos so yeah …What Anyway I hope you liked this
video Give it a like if you liked it Give it a dislike if you disliked it and
remember to subscribe if you want to I’m not forcing anyone I’m sorry okay It’s okay. Just do whatever you want to But I will appreciate it Hello again! So for this doll I’m using Ever After High Raven Queen I already cut and pulled out all the hair so now I’m going to wipe off the factory paint with acetone After using q-tips I wiped the face down
to make sure I didn’t miss anything Now I’m going to use rust-oleum spray paint
in flat white and spray the head and body To make the hair I’m using a metal
hoop, a pet brush, and gray yarn I’m cutting off pieces of the gray yarn and
tying the strands to the metal hoop Now I’m brushing out the strands until it’s
nice and smooth You’ll end up with a lot of extra fluff which is normal This is what it will look like when you’re done brushing and it’s super soft Now I’m taking a flat iron and straightening them It’s so soft and shiny Next I’m cutting the strands off from the hoop and gluing it down onto plastic wrap
using tacky glue I press the strands down using this plastic pallet knife
that I have When the glue is dry I peel it off and
cut off the excess at the top Here’s my pile of hair wefts Now I’m going to glue
the hair onto the head using tacky glue again You can either glue it directly on
to the head or on to a wig cap I personally find it easier to glue it
directly on the head but it’s up to you I sprayed the face with Mr. Super Clear
and now I’m going to draw I use Prismacolor watercolor pencils and I’m
starting off with a light gray color just to do the outline I think this is
one of the coolest dolls yet that I’ve done because of the cracks in her face I just think it looks really awesome Now I’m taking a black colored pencil
and going over the gray Note that this is after I sprayed it with Mr. Super Clear again It’s important to seal the face after each layer of color I made this mistake when I was first starting out I wouldn’t spray it enough and I
would just keep going and going and going with the colored pencil and
sometimes it would just rub right off the head Spraying the head with the sealant
also allows you to build up color and make it more vibrant and have more
dimension I get so mad every time my dumb head leans forward and my hair gets in the shot, like back off Anyway for the final touches I’m adding some gray soft
pastels and painting on the lips She looks so cute Now I’m adding gloss
varnish to the lips and eyes I ended up putting way too much on and had to dab it away It’s hairstyling time! I separated it
into two parts and then just twisted it until it became a bun and placed a band
over it I sprayed some hairspray just to keep
everything in place Now I will show you how I made her clothes I’m using this
stretchy dark grey fabric for the tights and the pattern I’m using is from DG
Requiem on Etsy I’ll put the link in the description Trace the pattern onto two
pieces of fabric and then cut it out Pin it right sides together and then sew
along here Then sew along the other side Pin it like this and sew up all the way
up the leg and down This is what it will look like when it’s finished Next I’ll be making a black panty to go over this because I’m not quite advanced
enough at sewing to make it one piece Anyway cut out the pieces and sew the
back pieces to the front Then hem it using fabric glue Now fold it and sew it
together I’m pretty sure I did this last part
wrong but it still turned out okay For the top I’m using a basic shirt pattern
and I cut the bodice out of black fabric and for the sleeves I’m using the same
gray fabric I used for the tights Sew the two back pieces to the front piece then
hand stitch on the sleeves These stitches are only temporary to keep it
in place and after sewing it on a sewing machine you can take them out Then cut the shirt so that it’s like a triangle and will show her gem Hem the sleeve and then fold it and sew
it Here it is except the sleeves are too long I was not expecting that and so I
had to cut it For the skirt that goes over her leggings I’m using a high-low
skirt pattern and I’m cutting it out of this sheer white fabric Make sure to use
fray block or you’ll get a lot of strings Make ruffles by using a long
stitch on the sewing machine and then pull the thread Cut the slit in the middle It didn’t really turn out good so I just folded it inside and I’m going to iron it down tada Add velcro or snaps to the back of the
skirt and the top I’m making the shoes out of this shiny grey fabric I had and I also cut out grey craft foam for the bottom of the shoes Hem the top of the
shoes with fabric glue Then fold it right sides together and sew the back I’m gluing the shoe directly to the foot It doesn’t matter what it looks like at the bottom when you glue it because you’re going to be covering it with this foam All done! Now to make her gem I’m using
this soft clay that I got at Daiso and I’m just going to take a little piece of
it and roll it into a ball and then flatten it Now I’m going to take
scissors and cut it into the proper shape and then I just keep molding it
until it’s the shape I want then I go over with gloss varnish Since I don’t know how to make such small gloves I’m just going to paint the hands a dark
grey so that it matches with the sleeves It’s not a perfect match but I like how
it turned out Lastly I’m just going to add some false
lashes and she’s done! Doesn’t she look great next to all the other pearls? I’m really happy with how she turned out Anyway I hope you guys like this video,


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