Making Handmade Jewelry : Jewelry Making: Using Bead Spacers to Add Length

Hi! Kathleen Wright from Kathleen Wright Jewelry,
New York City, Miami Beach. I’ve gone over some pretty basics with you, just the double
strand necklace, stringing a necklace, measuring and all that. I want to go over a little bit
about when you find beads that you want to make a necklace with and you have a necklace
that most of the stringing when you buy beads that are strung. These happen to be fresh
water pearls that I have, the manufacturer I buy them from, they string them on these
cords that you’re going to have to open up and make into a necklace. So say you need
a 20 inch and this a 16 inch I think, yeah its just over 16, you’re like oh no I don’t
have any more pearls. What can I do to make this longer? Well the first suggestion would
be spacers; they really can stretch out a necklace and make it a little longer, I’m
going to show you some spacers that I have here. These are long, they’re sterling silver,
I’ll put a couple here, that would be like if you need a lot of space in between like
you really don’t have a lot of beads. I’m only 2 inches short on this piece, so what
I’m going to do is I’m just going to get my little balls, they’re much smaller and
they’re going to give a less illusion in the necklace with the spacer.

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