Making of Hanging by a Thread

Donna Burke:
Hi guys You’re going to be watching the behind-the-scenes for Hanging By A Thread the new un-officially-official-
Metal-Gear-Solid-movie-theme [Audible Gasp] [strange australian sounds] D: Good to see you
Stefanie Joosten: Nice to see you again D: And.. I’ve been working on the song
just as you requested me to [very slight nod] D: I took all of the advice that you gave me about vocal direction. So.
S: Good D: So it’s so awesome. It’s so exciting S: It is D: I’m feeling it I’m – feeling Snake’s pain (solid snake).
S: Should give it a listen then. D: Okay. I hope you approve [anticipation] [Music starts] LOUDER [wild gestures begin] [sneaky nose wipe] [wild gestures continue] [one more nose wipe] That’s what I wore at Capitol Records in LA in 2013 when I recorded Sins sif the Sins.. Of The Father. So I’m getting the vibe I have washed it since then. What inspired you to make this song? Oooohhhhh0oo0ooooo What inspired me.. well, first of all, I really would love to sing and be in the Metal Gear movie. So that’s like a dream I really want that to happen. And then I thought I could do that Why wait to be invited, why wait for the movie. Let me make my own awesome Metal Gear theme song and it’s just been fantastic fun to do, and I know the fans are gonna love it Black icy rain [very good vibes] Snakes down the void Into this soul Without a place to call ho0oo0oommme [closes eyes,
somewhat ironically] Look into my eyes What’s the story behind the lyrics for Hanging by a Thread? Right.. so we had to work out Where would the first Metal Gear Solid movie be like what time zone would have been in the team decided that it would be Solid Snake (his) story and so I just read up a lot about Solid Snake and I Wrote the song from his point of view you’re finding out that you’re a clone and you know finding that out that you’re that you’ve been manipulated and created for a certain purpose It’s just such a shocking You know backstory to anyone’s life [shaking head in approval] [Stefanie looks concerned] S: Donna can we try that one more time from the top?
D: Okay sure I’m hanging by a thread As I jump in Can’t cross the chasm Between now and then [Stefanie directing passionately] [100% poker face] [hopeful] S: Ahh that’s so awesome!
D: Did you get chills? S: Oh yeah, it’s such a badass song! D: [???] D: And it sort of builds too S: Yeah, I think this is such a different side of you again A message for the viewers.. uh Hope you just were absolutely moved that your stomach flipped That you were super excited
That you felt proud and yet you felt loved
because I love you. ( ˘ ³˘)♥


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