Making Tabular Glass Beads With Seascapes : Melting Transparent Glass onto Tabular Ocean Beads

So we have our layers of transparent glass
applied to create our basic waves. What we’re going to do is, we’re going to go take our
bead back into the flame, and melt that transparent glass on top of the silver. We want to make
sure that we don’t put the bead all the way in the flame otherwise the silver will start
to disappear. It doesn’t actually burn off instead it burns into the glass. But what
you want to do is melt the transparent very slowly onto the top, so that you can trap
some of that reflection of that silver underneath. Again, don’t forget to go back in and heat
this top part of your bead. You don’t want it to crack while you’re working on the bottom.
And you don’t want the bead to to lose its shape. So you don’t want to heat it up too
much or too quickly. What you’ll see here is that some of the silver surrounding the
glass that’s on the ivory that we didn’t put transparent over, is starting to disappear,
starting to look like it’s burning away. And you’ll start to see that underneath this transparent
glass, there’s kind of a mirror like finish. So you’re going to go ahead and keep melting
this transparent glass in until it’s flush with the surface. It might take you a few
minutes. Again, you still want to do this part just a little bit slowly so that the
heat doesn’t get a hold of that silver that’s underneath your transparent glass. Now that you have one section melted in, you
can go ahead and continue to melt the other sections, all the time rotating your bead.
If you see a part that’s melting particularly slowly, you might want to spend a couple extra
seconds with that particular portion in the heat. Again, you want to try not to lose your
shape. I’m going to let this cool down just a little bit so you can see what it looks
like flush. And we’re going to re-shape it again so you don’t need to worry about it
yet. That’s what your bead should look like so far.

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