Mario Sergio Cortella – Qual A Sua Motivação? (Rolling Stones)

This year, 2018, pay
attention, will turn 56 the most important
rock band of history. The rock which is a modernity symbol,
a symbol of contemporary young people, Nevertheless, it has as
its most important band a band that will complete
this year 56 years called
Rolling Stones. Just so you have
an idea of comparison, the Rolling Stones were
established in 1962 that is, in the mid
of the last century and continues to operate until
now with unsurpassed quality, just to compare,
the Beatles lasted 9 years. From 1961 to 1970, Rolling Stones
have been in action for 56 years. The two leaders of the band have
the age of your grandfather, 74 years. Would you attend a rock show
in which the guitarist and vocalist were 74 years old, not fearing
they’d have a heart attack on stage. The two leaders are 74 years old.
Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Mick Jagger, 74, a grandfather
with that pornographic mouth continue singing, jumping and
reproducing throughout the world. Keith Richards, a man
who invented a riff for guitar solo known
on the entire planet. He could have done that and
spent the rest of his life sleeping. It’s his. 74 years old, Keith Richards, a man
which is the denial of medicine. All that medical science claims about
a living being, he denies staying alive. Keith Richards; Mick Jagger;
Charlie Watts, on drums, a man who has had several
cancer and goes on; Ron Wood. Rolling Stones, they’ve
completed 60 years, sorry, completed 50 years,
half a century in 2012. How they have
decided to celebrate? Recording a new album. For what? Money?
That’s imagination. Fame?
What an answer! It’s because they have a positive
dissatisfaction, more and better. They decided to record a new album
– and here is what is beautiful – for that they decided
do a world tour and were in São Paulo, Rio de
Janeiro, Porto Alegre in 2013. But to be able to record this tour
and record a new album, they decided to have in February 2013
one month rehearsal and they’d rehearsed for February
2013 as whole, 8 hours per day. Obvious question,
answer not so much: why two dudes who
are playing together for half a century
need to rehearse 8 a day? Well, that’s why they’re the
best rock band in the world. Because they have excellence
as reference that’s why they lead what is contemporary music
in terms of presence. No wonder they are
called the Rolling Stones. The name of the band,
as you know, came on account of a 1950
American song of a great blues musician
called Muddy Waters who in 1950 made a band that
inspired a British group and later
Bob Dylan to do a song called
“Like a Rolling Stone” because “Rollin’ Stone” is
a 1950 Muddy Waters’ song whose motto is the what
leadership must have. There is a British saying that says:
a rolling stone gathers no moss, a rolling stone gathers no mold,
a rolling stone gathers no slime, Rolling Stones. The main quality of leadership
is having the excellence as its horizon,
to refuse mediocrity and have a positive dissatisfaction
of wanting more and better. It is no wonder
that the music symbol of the Rolling Stones is
“I can get no satisfaction”. A lot of people call
the song “Satisfaction” But you forget that it’s called
“I can get NO satisfaction”, that is, I can not stay
satisfied as a whole, I can not stay
completely satisfied. They say, but then
the person is greedy. No.
He is, if so, a greedy, never,
an ambitious who wants more and better. But he does not want
it just for himself. To want at any cost.
Whoever. That is why this event here
it’s called “The art of leadership” Why? What is the main
requisition of art? Accessibility. Art requires of you and me
a more refined spirit, it is not just
the execution of a route. What was raised here
as the difference between between a leadership
that only boss around and that which is in fact
leadership and is not merely bossy which is capable of inspiring,
thrilling, enchanting. The art of leadership.

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