Marion Seclin est Émilie du Châtelet – Scienceuses #01 – String Theory

Behind every great man, there is a great woman…
and not to iron his underwear and bring him a glass of milk! Today I’m going to talk about Emilie du Châtelet a great woman who was behind a bunch of great men. Gabrielle Émilie Le Tonnelier de Breteuil Marquise du Châtelet, who, we will call Emilie du Chatelet because
this program needs to be concise, is a French mathematician, author, and physicist. born in 1706 Her background is fancy: her father was ambassador announcer for Louis XIV, (yeah, the King who could dance!) and as a kid, she was having tea with Rousseau. Thanks to her parents she had
a good education even though at that time, no one cared much about educating girls. Emile was intellectually gifted. “Papa, Papa, I want a pony and an education! ” 18
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In 1734, when she was down and out, Voltaire welcomes her into his household. They had an affair that lasted fifteen years which was half a lifetime in those days! He was the one who encouraged her to
increase her knowledge in mathematics and physics, because he
realized that she was a lot better than he was… Emilie is considered one of
the top influential women of her time, based on her writings. At 40, she went so far
as to be elected to The University of Bologna, which was
the only one in Europe that was open to women, The Court scoffed at her, and the women were jealous,
but she would always let them talk. And that’s a lesson I invite you to use in your life. “Just ignore the haters” The haters will hate, #people #theCourt, #YouDeserveBetterThanThat! Emilie summarized Leibniz’s work on the study of motion in the first chapter of her book “Lessons in Physics” In fact, she commented on all the
scientific theories of the period, analyzing them, making comparisons and offering her opiunion.
Huge job for a book so masterful that a German mathematician
who was working with her Samuel Koenig, tried to pass himself off as the author. Calm down! listen, Samuel, you just go
play with those geometric shapes and let Emilie work! Unbelievable…. Fortunately I was there to prove the
the formula for kinetic energy ! oh yeah! It’s useful in everyday life, like for example,
in the case of…. One of her key publications was the translation
from Latin into French of one of the most important scientific books ever before published! “Mathematical Principles” by Isaac Newton which made Newton
much more understandable for the scientists of that period. And on top of that,
to make it clearer, she added notes and demonstrated some of
Newton’s conclusions ! It was Voltaire who had her manuscript published nearly
ten years after Emilie passed away. 53
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So to summarize, she was behind Voltaire She was behind Newton and was also
behind Richelieu ! Oh yes, they had a torrid love affair ! And so that was the story that influenced
the Paris Metro system the most because between her lovers and her colleagues, they named four Metro stops Châtelet, Voltaire, Richelieu, Réaumur…Q.E.D…. 60
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She contributed greatly to the advancement of physics in the eighteenth century, She vendicated the right to a scientific education for women and furthermore she collected
shoes, dresses, jewelry and she loved to gamble ! heads up, girls, today this is a rather special video I am making for you a “get ready with me Versailles” as if we could like superficial stuff
and still reinvent the wheel! She died in childbirth at the age of 43.
So affected by her death, Voltaire wrote to his pal Frederic II, King of Prussia:
“I lost a friend I had for 25 years, a great man who had only one flaw, that of being a woman,
and all of Paris mourns and honors her.” I don’t think that being a woman is such a big flaw but, during that period….
So I’ll see you really soon with a new episode of Women of Science. Maybe about Marie Curie, who knows… Bye Bye!


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