Marquis Marquiscarpa

This is a small vessel by the American
artist Richard Marquis. Richard Marquis was a studio glass pioneer, and what that means,
is that he was among the first generation of artists to use blown glass artistically
in the studio. In the 1960 s, he began glassblowing, and frustrated by the lack of technique that
he could find in teachers in the United States, he decided to travel to Italy. He went to
the Venini Glass Works where he worked with glass masters there, actually worked on the
team, did not just observe. And this was really an unusual situation, because in Murano, the
glass masters are very secretive. This piece is made out of murrini. Each of the individual
elements, which you see when you look closely at the vessel, are assembled on a steal plate
and fused; they are then picked up and blown. This vessel actually involves two techniques:
the fusing of the murrini on the steal plate which is then picked up and blown – that you
see on the base, and then the fusing of the murrini and slumping over a ceramic form inside
of the kiln – which you see on the top. If you look very closely, in the top you will
see one pink murrini with a tiny teapot in it, this is what we call a signature cane
and that is what Marquis uses to sign his pieces.

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