Marvel Beads Review, Same as Water Beads, Magic, Gems, Orbeez, Super, Spa orbs

okay so today we’re gonna talk about
more water beads these are called Marvel beads and they’re much larger than the
water beads that I reviewed also and as you can see this is a time-lapse
sequence showing them expanding in a flower vase and this is over a period of
several hours and we had to keep adding a little bit of water until they went
all the way to the top and next thing you know they’re going over the top and
bouncing off of the kitchen table here and ending up 20 30 feet away these
things are very bouncy as they take off these things are non-toxic eco-friendly
and they’re reusable and we’ll show you some details about them here real quick
so again this took several hours and this is what you end up with these are
not full-size yet because they ran out of space and the vase and they just kept
pouring out and the colors are nice so now we’re looking at full-size ones
you’ll see that they’re kind of pale and the center bowl looks empty but it isn’t
we just pulled out all the clear colored beads and when you drop them into this
bowl of water and allow them to reach full size they look almost invisible in
clear water so that’s kind of fun and again how large did they get well on the
tablecloth there you can see that’s the original size that tiny beads laying
there and the larger they get the more the color is washed out so the
instruction comes with it these are made in China and they’re sold in the United
States I think most of them are probably made in China and again you just add
water this was the 8-ounce value pack that I got on Amazon and here’s the size
comparisons all the way to the left the way they come right out of the pack
number four see the colors are still nice when we’re over there by the four
inch mark and they’re a little over a quarter inch in diameter then they did
get over a half inch in diameter and all the way to the right those were left on
for 30 hours and you can see that they start to go out of round and actually
become very soft and easy to break so if they’re for children and they’re gonna
play with them and squeeze them in their hands you don’t want them coming apart I
recommend that you take them out or limit the amount of water that goes in
there so they don’t reach full size so as soon as they get a little over a
quarter inch that’s when you want the kids to play with them
here’s a clear bead again that was in completely immersed in water for about
30 hours and it starts to be a little oblong and you can just push your finger
on that and break it it would be very easy so again keep them kind of small
this is the nice rich color that they retain when they’re about half size so I
recommend that if you’re going to put them in for flower bases and things like
that to hold the stems and then as the water disappears you just add a little
more water and they will shrink and then re expand again so these things are a
lot of fun to play with this is what they look like when they break apart I
like the size a little over 1/2 inch full size and again as I said try to
keep them smaller they’re tougher thanks for watching and hope the review was

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