MENTAL OMEGA 3.3 – Soviet Mission 20 THREAD OF DREAD

Mental Omega 3.3.2 for C&C Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge, Soviet Mission 20 Thread Of Dread. Mental Omega 3.3.2 is next part of mods for Red Alert 2, after Mental Omega 1.2, Mental Omega 2.0 and Mental Omega 3.0. Thread Of Dread… it gave testers a lot of nightmares during first playthroughs, this mission is really unforgiving. There are 4 armed Nukes aimed at you and your Epsilon enemy/ally, the Chinese use also lots of Hammer Defenses and other units. If you played Rage Of The Machine in Mental Omega 2.0, this mission and the concept is very similar. You do not want to engage the Chinese forces and interrupt between them and Epsilon, do not do it at all costs. Once you do so, Chinese are triggered and you become a target for their Nukes and forces, just don’t mess around too much. The base is very heavily guarded, the EMP stations will make your life miserable and these Nukes aren’t dependant to the power like rest of the base. Your mechanized forces will be stunned by EMP, you have no good artillery… so you have to cheese a little. I don’t do cheesing because I try to finish missions in “traditional” approach, but capturing Epsilon stuff is a good thing here. If you send the Kirovs in suicide mission to take down the Construction Yard, Chinese won’t have any measures to rebuild, it’s good for you (like Mayo). You can then start spamming Basilisk, ranged flying artillery, kite them well and put the base out of power and key buildings. As for the nukes, scatter your buildings as much as you can, that’s why it’s also good to capture some Epsilon stuff in this mission. Just before the release, to this mission were added the SCUD Launchers but guess what, I was too clumsy to keep them in safe place (╥﹏╥). You can also destroy the Nukes using your own Nuke + Flame Tower + Risen Railgun. Drop the nuke first, then place both buildings around it. Destroy the wall nodes around the nukes, then concentrate on Silos. It might be enough, and splash damage from Hammers might help too. Support the World Beyond for their masterpiece soundtrack, too! If you really appreciate my content and videos, please leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE (remember about BELL). Want to know more trivia about the missions or tips? Write it in the comments 🙂


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