Metallic Dragon Scale Nail Design – Quick & Easy Tutorial

Hi everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakins from Naio Nails. In this video, i’m going to show you how to do a simple design that is inspired by the beautiful dragons that really exist in this world according to Adam and JJ Right, so i have here- Behold the mighty stiletto nail i’ve already created. I am now going to apply serious black I’m telling you now This is a seriously black black You want to apply it nice and thin get it crisp it the cuticle Do not flood the cuticle so we just slightly bounce up Bring it all the way down Make sure you go right over those edges capping that edge. Put that in the lamp. So i’m applying top coat. This is the urban graffiti top coat. It’s a non sticky top coat. It has a new tattoo layer make sure you’re capping the edges Put that in the lamp Right. What we’re gonna do now is I love doing this. It’s like one of my favorite things to do is to get metallics and just squish them all over the nail. I love it because it’s messy and i’m a messy person. So i’m gonna, open the bottles, i’m not going to knock them over and JJ’s not going to knock one over either. So I’ve got one of the reds, purple, blue and gold Because i feel that these are colours that dragon would be If they existed and Just gonna pop So i’m just gonna pop random bits of colour I love doing this. That’s kind of messy We do need to clean the end of this brush especially now. Can you see? That has the colours on need to clean that off before i go back in I’m gonna add a little bit of gold A little bot of purple Just let them blend into each other So the metallics we just used were and if you’re watching this on a phone, screen shot it right now. And then now, I’m gonna use this Glitter urban graffiti gel polish So i popped a little bit on here and then i’m going to get little parts of it and you do some scale shapes and i’m gonna do random A little bit random Cure those And now with the urban graffiti top coat make a little pool on the backing paper And then with a brush, you continue doing these scale shapes Just Flash cure that for me.
0:05:09.600 –>0:05:15.710
You can sort of see the direction. Everything sort of coming this way so they’re all longer in a diagonal angle And then we’re going, to do the same with the green with that green glitter because that won’t be shiny when we wipe it Still needs top coating I’m gonna add a little bit more, to some of them just to make them even more ***** What we’re gonna do now is wipe over with pure acetone Give it a really good rob How did you encrust a dragonskin? And then i’m gonna add some random bits of bling. So using a bit of the mega gloss I’m gonna add few crystals This is Bejewelled dragon. We just gave it a name well, Adam did. Finishing off with a little bit of lemon cuticle oil Adam: it’s like the- you know the shiny
Kirsty: Yes Adam: It’s shiny
Kirsty: It’s the shiny dragon. Dragon version So it’s really simple. It doesn’t take a lot of skill Anybody can do this. Have a little play and i hope you have some awesome results Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram and all that shebang. All the products used today will be down below somewhere Is it by magic? and I’ll see you in the next video guys. Bye Bye!


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