Motorized Bead Roller – Roll Beads in Sheet Metal – Fab Floor Pans – Eastwood

if you’re looking to invest in a
professional style motorized bead roller at a great price you need to check out this unit from
Eastwood it is a large 24 inch throat which means you can roll be jogging or
bends and full size four by eight sheets of steel or aluminum you can for mild steel up to 18 gauge
and aluminum up to 16 gauge it’s the perfect machine for making your
own floor pans firewalls truck bed floors bedsides bomber seats motorcycle
offenders fender skirts or even running boards you
can even make your own handmade signs is a strong 16 horsepower motor which is
stronger than most of the units out there and operates on standard 120 volt
household current there’s no need to wait around for a friend to help you
crank or cold metal becomes the infinitely adjustable speed control foot
pedal will keep both of your hands-free so you can form the metal precisely by
yourself plus it can go forwards or backwards for
even more control there’s a hand control to allow you to
put the exact pressure you need on the metal this unit has a rack built into the
stand for easy and convenient storage of your manuals and don’t forget a bead
roller is great for not only adding strength but also cool looks too
lightweight aluminum raised panels plus the way it’s constructed in package
means you won’t pay those high liftgate truck shipping fees which will save you
even more money not to mention each one has a full line of forming guys
available when you want to expand the capabilities of this machine and
investment in eastwood motorized bead roller is one you won’t regret and when
you make your own parts you have pride in knowing you did the job yourself and
you did the job right click the button visit and get yours today yeah yeah


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