Mythos and Rini are BFF + Buying wood pellets cat litter

If I did not tell you that Mythos and Rini are brother and sister, you would have
thought that they are a married couple Well, this does not happen every single
day but from time to time they do groom each other. Look at that, so adorable, eh? Okay, it’s time to do some shopping for the cat litter, we do not go to the pet store to buy this stuff. Usually during the
winter time, arr.. this is a seasonal product they carry this soft wood as well as the
hard wood pellets. This is mainly used for the pellet stove. You can find this in
local hardware store. At six dollars Canadian, 40 lbs per bag, we’ve got
12 of them. Make sure that it says it’s suitable for animal bedding and is good
for your pets It claims to be 100% natural
and is made in Canada but there are a lot of articles out there saying that
during the manufacturing process they add some kind of chemical called a
“binder” to make their wood pellets. But in my opinion, the cats don’t actually sleep
on it 24/7 like other animals. So we have been using this for 10 years. If you are
one of the cat owners, hope this video helps. See you next time!


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