Needle Tatting – #1 Adding Beads (b): intro & examples by RustiKate

Hi there, I’m Katy And today I want to show you how to use beads
in your tatting. Now beads in tatting can be both decorative
and functional, and I want to show you a few examples before
we get started. So first I’ll start with the hat. The hat is completely tatted, with a tatted and beaded edge, as well as a tatted and beaded flower. Now that we have an idea of what beads and
tatting look like, when combined, I will go ahead and go over the two different
methods that we can use, to join beads to our tatting, and then talk a little bit about the pros
and cons of each method, so go ahead and gather up your tatting supplies and your beads and we’ll get started.


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