Needle Tatting – Adding Thread in Needle Tatting by RustiKate

Hi there. I am Katy. And today I am going to be talking about how
to add thread. So get your tatting supplies together and
we will get started. So if you find yourself in a place where you
need to tie off and add more thread, the best way to do it is you make an extra
knot. Right at the top, right like that. And then you are going to want to take your
needle and pass it through some of your work. And what it does is it makes it a little more
secure, so if you are washing it is not going to come
untied. And this can be a little bit hard if you are
really tight. I tend to be really tight with my tatting. Just keep doing it until you get your needle
in, and then pull it through right like that. And that is going to make it more secure. Sometimes, depending on how it is feeling
I will like to put it back the other way as well, so it is going two different directions. This is going to make it really secure. And I am going to get my scissors and I am
going to cut that end of the thread flush to the tatting. Then I am going to take the scissors and cut
the thread about 8-10 inches down the line. And this is the thread that is running to
your ball of thread. So cut that and this one I am going to thread
on my needle and run through just like I did the previous one. The only difference is I am going to go a
different direction. So I am going to go this way on the ring. You are going to do the same thing. You are going to slide it in. Right like that. And you are going to slide it back like that. Pull it tight and cut that thread flush to
the tatting. At this point you are ready to attach your
next thread. And once your needle is threaded with what
you estimated what you are going to need, you are going to just simply pick up your
project. Find the area where you stopped at. And you are going to insert your needle right
at the top. Since on this project I stopped right here
at the top of this ring, I am going to insert my needle right at the
base of the chain, where it joins to the top of the ring. Pull that thread through. I am going to give myself about 2 feet of
thread between the needle and the top of that ring. And at that place I am going to put a knot. And I am going to run my needle again through
that previous work. This time right at the top of the ring. I am going to pull this one flush. And make a knot. At that point you are secure and you are ready
to start your tatting again. You just go ahead and pick up where you left
off on your directions, and in this case it would be to start the
chain again. And just keep on continuing to tat as if you
never had to stop.


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