Negative Space Flower Design with One Bead Acrylic Application

Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. Welcome back to our YouTube Channel. Today, I’m gonna show you how to do Negative Space using gel polish and it’s gonna be a floral design. On this nail, I’m gonna use Caramel Dream as the background colour. So, I want it to be more realistic to…like a salon. So, you’ve got somebody that’s just come in and they’ve got just a natural colour on, so it could be Caramel Beige, Caramel Dream, Natural Beige, Pink Shell, any of those kind of colours. So I’m using the size 12 brush and it’s the round one. Gonna pick up a monster of a bead, check that out. I’m gonna tease that down the nail. Adam: Some people say to me on the channel or say to you on the channel, should I say. I read them, that sometimes, your beads look a little bit watery. Now, I know it’s not water, but what do you think? What do you say to that? Kirsty: I wouldn’t say they’re watery. Sometimes, I needed more of a wet consistency. This is a big bead, so I need it to move for longer. You can see that this is already setting up. So, it’s slightly wet but you can see it’s definitely setting up. Adam: So, do you think the size of your bead matters to you than how the consistency that you mix? The consistency doesn’t have to be the same all the way through, does it? Kirsty: You want it to be similar, yeah. You do want it to be similar. So, like you probably thought that was wet, but look at it, it’s not moving anywhere. Just because it’s nice and shiny doesn’t necessarily mean it’s really wet. Now, with Caramel Dream, Caramel Dream sets up a lot quicker than the other nudes. Hence, it was a little bit wetter. See this, you think that looks really wet, it’s not dripping anywhere really. The weight of the first bead wanted to move quicker because it was big and weighty. If I’m working quite thin, it will feel a little bit wetter as well. So, that’s the background colour. I’m gonna let that set and then I’ll file that into shape and smooth it. I think that Caramel Dream should be called Caramel Cream because it sounds delicious and I love this colour. So, that’s the background of what we’re gonna do and this is the colour I’m gonna use. So, I’m gonna use Dusky Plum. It’s just as it’s described, it’s a dusky plum. So, I’ve got some backing from a Sculpting Form. Gonna roll off some of the gel. I’m gonna use 01. I’m gonna use this colour like a paint and we’re gonna basically outline a flower design. So, this is the first step to creating your flower. So, it’s kind of like little love heart shapes, then we do like a little loop there and then connect. Don’t worry about these outer edges being really neat. It’s the inside that needs to be be nice and perfect. They’re quite simple shapes. I’m gonna do one here. And off this, I’m gonna do some leaf shapes. Do some off this one and do a little one there. Gonna cure that first. Now, all the areas outside, this is where you’re gonna fill them in and it will really show the design off. And because you’ve already got the gel polish there, it kind of wants to sit really close to it It won’t flood inside the design, it creates a bit of a barrier, so it’s not too difficult to do. So, you can see we’re using that negative space to create the design. I’m gonna pop that in the lamp. Then, I’m gonna put a very thin second layer, so I know I’ve got a real strong colour. And I’m gonna cure that. I’m gonna to topcoat this and I will add a little bit more detail. Nothing too crazy though. I just want to keep it nice and simple. This is about creating a nice simple design that’s wearable and easy to do in the salon. Now, I’m gonna use Snow White Urban Graffiti Gel Polish. Just gonna add a little tiny bits of detail, I think this makes it stand out even more. So, I’m not going around the whole of the flower just doing the little parts. You don’t want to cover all of these lines here, you’re just basically adding a little bit of interest to the nail. Adding the white on top of that topcoat adds more depth as well to the design. I’m gonna pop that in the lamp. Right! What we’re gonna do now is use this colour. I have no idea what this colour is but I’m sure Adam will find it somewhere and link it below. Adam: Well it’s Rose Gold, obviously. Kirsty: Well, it is Rose Gold but I don’t know what the actual name of it is because I’ve taken out it of packaging and stuff. So I So, I think it fits perfectly and what I’m gonna do is use the Acry Gel. I’m gonna use my spatula tool. So, this is It’s Clear Dear and I’m just gonna literally scrape off a little bit and I’m gonna pop a little bit of that in the center. With the 3D brush, I’m going to use the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution just to damp that. Now, all I’m gonna do is just press this and make it the shape I want to be, which is just like a little circle, really. Just pressing it out a little bit and I’m gonna pickup some of the microbeads, pop them on and press them into the Acry Gel. And that’ll give like a really cute little center to the flower. Aww, I like it! I know that the Acry Gel gonna really hold on to those beads as well. And I’m gonna get the top coat. This is the urban graffiti top coat I’m literally jst gonna put the tiniest amount, float it on the top of the beads so it’s slightly domed. I’m gonna cure that. They will not go nowhere, they will not budge until you want to remove them, which you might find difficult. I’m only joking. All you do to remove these stones is get an old pair of pliers. I’m joking. So, you just get a pair of old Cuticle Nippers and grab the edge and just crack it off. Don’t do that though. That looks cool, doesn’t it, the Negative Space? And it is really easy to do a Negative Space Flower than actually painting the colors of the flower into the nail. I find this a little bit more easy, so hopefully, it’s helped you and you can recreate. So, there you are, guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram. My Snapchat is KirstyNails, so you can always send me a Snapchat. Can you send me snapchats that don’t have body parts on, that I don’t want to see? Kind of being, you know, sent a lot of pictures of parts that I don’t want to see but anyway, keep it clean, guys. Keep it clean. Loads of people Snapchat me and I talk to them and everything, it’s great. I love communicating with all these nail lovers over the world. But yeah, all the products I’ve used today will be listed below as always and I’ll see you in the next video. So, please keep watching. Bye-bye! [Kirsty singing]: I think I need a cup of tea. I’ve only had two today.


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