News & Workshops – The Bead Shop Nottingham – Vlog Ep 5

Hello, Welcome to The Bead Shop Vlog we’re
going to tell you about a new workshop timetable which is launching today
and our new website which we’ve been working really hard on for the last few
weeks, months, years and is now finally almost ready yes so as you will have seen when me
and Emma we’re talking about the workshops in the last vlog and we’ve got
lots of exciting new titles for you and what we’re doing for everybody as an
early bird offer is giving 10% off all workshops booked before midnight on
Tuesday so do have a look now checking Diaries and get booked in to
get give yourself a chance to save some Pennies. I can’t wait to get teaching and yeah I can’t wait to
get teaching as well it’s gonna be really exciting so we’ve got lots of new
workshops and we’ve also got some old favorites so you can learn to make
things like this class pendant with me. Steph got loads of new bead weaving
project she’s designed and then we’ve got lots of interesting new things
like our macrame plant hanger and there’s one hiding next to Steph there
and also we’ve got some collaboration workshops including Christmas wreath
workshop which we’re really excited in the meantime the new website is
going to be an awful lot better and it’s going to so it’s going to be fully responsive so
it actually worked nicely on mobiles and tablets which will be good should be
much much easier to search products and also to really drill down using
attributes so if you just want to see blue beads you can if you just want to
see six mill beads you can but one thing that we’d really like from you is a bit of feedback it would be
really good if you could comment below and let us know what you love about our
current site so we can make sure we keep it and what you hate so we can make sure
we’re getting rid of it there’s lots of things we hate mainly the fact that it
doesn’t work properly on a mobile and or a tablet and searching for things can be
quite hit and miss but we want to try and keep the nice features so if you want to
do a quick order you can order through BS codes and then it will stay the same but yeah please let us know what you thought so yeah it’s always great to
have feedback and we have a lot of people that voluntarily give us feedback
anyway which is always great and yes there is if you use us regularly and
really really good to hear some of your thoughts and we will be asking for
a few people to test the website when it’s in it’s kind of almost launch state
so we can just make sure there’s nothing obvious we’ve missed and that it all
works smoothly for you so if you are interested please send us an email we’ve
got a couple of people that have expressed an interest already but we do
need a few more and we will be adversting it on Instagram Facebook and also just send us an email and we’ll be offering a free
voucher for placing an order returned for you filling out a survey
and letting us know I think that’s a nice short and sweet Vlog this week
and do keep an eye on all of our social media platforms and probably a
newsletter coming your way very very soon if not already and with all
the information about the Early Bird offer to the workshops and if you
haven’t signed it then if you sign up straight away then this is going out
just before the newsletter so you might just be in time to sign up for it yes I
think that’s it from us yeah bye

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