O.b tampons vs Tampax Pearl Absorbency Test # 5

Hi Guys! This video is going to be an absorbency test
video where I’m going to be comparing the absorbencies between two regular tampons today. I have here the o.b regular compact applicator
tampon and the tampax pearl regular tampon. I got these o.b tampons in a period haul that
you can check out after this video. From my other absorbency tests you guys would
be familiar with my set up. I have different size syringes that we’re
going the using to add liquid to the tampons and they range from five milliliters to twenty
milliliters that they can hold. So these tampons both have applicators but
the difference is that these o.b tampons have a compact applicator and the tampax pearl
has a full sized applicator. What we’re going to do is remove the tampons
from their applicators so we can start. I’m going to begin with
the o.b tampons first. So this is what the o.b tampon with an applicator
looks like. Now I’m going to remove the applicator from
the tampax pearl tampon. Here’s what the tampax pearl applicator tampon
looks like. So since these are compact you have so you
have to extend the applicator like this and then you can push them out. So this is the o.b and this is the tampax
pearl. So I’m just going to remove these plastic
applicators and their wrappers so that we have more room. So I’m going to start with the o.b tampon
first. Uh, regular tampons are meant to hold between
6-9 grams or milliliters of liquid. So I’m going to start with the ten milliliter
syringe. Which is this one here. Uh, I’m just going to slowly apply the liquid
until it starts to drip and then we’ll take note of how much it held. So again this is the ten milliliters syringe. You guys can notice that the o.b tampon has
these grooves. Okay it’s holding quite well. Okay that’s the entire ten milliliter syringe. (Cough) So I’m going to go ahead with the
five milliliters. Okay, it’s just starting to drip as you guys
could see at the bottom right here and it’s pretty much used up the entire of the five
milliliter syringe. So it held this five milliliter and this ten
which makes it fifteen. So that was the o.b tampon. I’m going to move on to the tampax pearl but
first I’m going to refill these syringes. Okay so I have these syringes refilled then
ten and the five. I’m going to start with the ten again. This tampon opens up as you guys could see. It’s holding the liquid no problem. Okay that’s the entire seven sorry ten milliliter
syringe. I’m going to move onto the five. Okay that’s the entire of the five. So I’m going to start with the twenty but
I’m going to go really slowly because it looks like it might be reaching it’s capacity. Okay, you guys notice how it just went right
down the braid. So that’s it full and it took about one milliliter
from the twenty. So that’s one, five, ten making it sixteen. So tampax pearl regular held sixteen milliliters
and the o.b tampon held fifteen so they’re more or less the same. So that was my absorbency test. Uh, check out all of my other period videos. Thanks for watching!

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