Our Forests Aren’t Fuel: Injustice in Northampton

Nobody came in the neighborhood to get our opinions about a new plant coming into town. It was done behind our back. (Belinda)
We believe that everyone should have a clean, safe place to live, work, and play. Enviva has come in and distracted the living conditions of this community. (Carl)
Since Enviva opened up we have quite a few problems. They widened our roads, so the big trucks can come through much faster. And they creating a whole lot of dust, and they making a lot of noise. The machine is making a lot of noise at night time. (Wanda)
Well, I tell you my concern is that noise and that beating and that bumping all through the night. Your homes are here, and they put something like that right in the middle. It just seem like something could be done about it. I just didn’t think that
you could rob people from their sleep. (Kathy)
We moved from a noisier place, come to a quiet place, but when the company moved there it’s noise all night. And my husband has to get up go to work at four o’clock, he can’t get any sleep. His brochitis is acting up. My son’s sinuses, allergies, been acting up real bad. (Belinda)
We started meeting with the group here in Northampton County in June, and we’ve had about five or six meetings. We’ve also met with some of
the corporates from Enviva, and we’re still trying to come up with some solutions because this is what they’re
going to have to live with. It’s an injustice to them.


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