Pearl Dental Software: New Pearl, New Features

Hi there I’m Ben, I’m the managing
director of Pearl Dental Software. Our dental software is used by thousands of UK dental professionals all across the country. I’m here at JDRM Coalville, a busy Midlands practice to talk to you about
why you should choose Pearl. The core reason for the rewrite was to improve usability. As many of you know PearlPlus was written over a number of years and
there’s been lots added -not always in the best place. What we wanted to do was peel back the gums and take a look at the root. We looked at the good the bad
and the ugly, we kept the good, we removed the bad and we improved on the ugly.
Previously we were constrained, but now with changes in technology we can take
full advantage and offer cloud and remote hosted versions. This will allow
our users secure remote access from anywhere in the world. That also gives us
the ability to push out regular updates which ensures our clients benefit from
changes as we add them. The whole systems undergone radical change. Don’t worry the core functionality is still the same but it’s easier to use particularly for our new users. We focused on getting a shorter training period which would make it easier in the long run for practices swapping onto Pearl from other practice
management systems. Our clients have already picked up the new user interface much quicker than Pearl Plus. They’ve commented them how it’s similar to other applications they’re already familiar with which makes it far easier to learn.
The charting system has had a major overhaul making it easier for clinicians
and nurses. With the NHS’s recent focus on periodontal treatment
we’ve improved Pearl’s pereo charting to reflect that. The clinical auditing is
also a lot more flexible so notes are tracked in a much more succinct way to give you that peace of mind. There’s loads of new changes that I
think our users are going to love! Historically we’ve worked with smaller
independent practices and we didn’t particularly want that to change, but in
the past we’ve had to say goodbye to some of our clients as they’ve grown
because our previous system wasn’t suitable for their new requirements. I’m
happy to say that with our new system we’ve still got smaller independent
practices at the heart of it, but as I mentioned earlier our new
architecture will allow Pearl to scale up and grow as to practise grows. Pearl can now be accessed across sites and you can use in a corporate chain or a multi-site practice a lot more efficiently. So we
still love our independents, but Pearl is now able to fulfill your needs as your
practice grows. The thing to consider is you’re buying more than just software.
You’re buying into a business partnership and it’s important to ensure
that’s a good fit. We have to work together so when things are good we’re
happy and you don’t have to talk to us all that often, but computer systems are
complex things and issues can come up at any time. You want to know you can call
someone and get the answers you need to keep your business running. With complex software such as dental systems we can’t account for everything Outside changes can influence the software, so if one of our clients has an issue we’ll deal with it quickly and that’s the most important thing. So it almost goes without saying but make sure you like the software, make sure you
demo it before you commit to anything, have a playground and see how it feels
to use. It’s important that the software works with you and doesn’t dictate the way you should work!

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