Pearl Dental Software: Why Choose Pearl?

Hi I’m Ben, I’m the managing director of
Pearl Dental Software. Our dental software is used by thousands of UK dental
professionals all across the country. I’m here at JDRM Coalville, a busy Midlands practice, to talk to you about why you should choose Pearl. Certainly for independents and smaller chains we rank number one. We do a lot for this kind of business as we’ve built off their feedback over the years. We like to
maintain a personal touch and we’re very understanding of their business
requirements. With regards to larger organizations I’m confident our new
software will also suit their needs. Our ease of use will significantly cut their
training and support overheads. That can mean spending a day training staff to be
proficient in our software rather than the week’s needed for some systems. For
management our ability to provide secure remote access to your data from anywhere
in the world and have a tight control over what’s going on at your practice is
key. We hear a lot of positive comments about how problems are resolved in our
support line and I’m pleased to say that customers are very happy with the way
they’re treated. I think making sure the software supply fits your company is
important. If you had a technical issue and it might not be related to dental software
software where can you go for answers? For example if you’ve sent claims to the
board and they’re disputing them, being able to talk to your software supplier
to help support you in that dispute can be priceless. Support for Pearl is second
to none. As we’ve grown from a small business we understand the challenges
small businesses face much more than the two market leaders. We’re based in
England, our support team is based in England and our development team is
based in England. They all communicate with each other in one place.
There’s no outsourced development team in another country while you’re sat
waiting for weeks to get your answers, that doesn’t happen with Pearl.
Short-term we’re rolling out Pearl dental, we expect to have all our clients
on the new system in the next 18 months. We’ve already had great success with
over twenty percent of our clients transferred so far. Long-term we’d like
to continue growing our market share. We’d like to maintain our excellent
level of support that we provide, and would like to continue forming great
relationships with our existing clients!

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