PEARL DMP925 – ударная установка, серия PEARL DECADE MAPLE

Hi, my name is Dimon, I’d like to show you the Pearl DMP925F
Decade Maple acoustic drum set. So, this drum set consists of: 14″x5.5″ snare drum, 10″x7″ first tom, 12″x8″ second tom, 14″x14″ floor tom, 22″x18″ bass drum, hi-hat stand, two cymbal stands, one of which is straight, and another
is a boom stand, and snare drum stand. Also this drum kit includes this
chain drive single pedal Pearl P930 featuring Power Shifter system. This pedal is very nice and very
convenient to play. In this video we use the Paiste PST5
Rock Set cymbals. Of course, they are not included. Let’s play each drum separately. Now let’s play this drum set. The distinctive feature of this drum set is the fact
that all shells are made of 6 plies of 100% maple. Thanks to the proprietary technology,
the wood of the drums is well dried to achieve the maximum resonance and rich tone. I like the attack of this drum set very much, the drums are very responsive and they
greatly follows the playing dynamics. And of course, I’ve got no complaints
to the quality of manufacturing, the drums are really well-made,
it’s very pleasant to play them, the matte finish, this is cool!


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