PEARL iZUMi’s BioViz technology is the most effective way for riders to be seen by drivers, day or night. Screaming Yellow was a color that we pioneered over 30 years ago and that was really the first true fluorescent color in the cycling
industry. And in the 30 years later we’re still a leader in this space. There’s two key components to BioViz. The first key component is our use of fluorescents and how we mix true fluorescents with non-flouroescent colors. The second component is our use of reflectivity. And the use of reflectivity in strategic areas placed on the garment. If you’re driving on the road and you see
a Screaming Yellow or Screaming Green or Screaming Pink color from PEARL iZUMi, you’re going to see that rider from up to five times farther away than you would with traditional non-flouroescent colors. We put true fluorescent colors not only just apparel but also on socks, shoe covers and even footwear. When it came to reflective technology we had
to ask the question “Where is the single most effective place to put that to keep riders
safe.” To answer that question we did a combination of field testing and research in the lab with our strategic partner 3M. Through that research, one of the big one of the big outcomes was that we realized there were no standards that existed in the industry at the time. So we decided to create our own. We established 100 meters as our minimum standard to allow enough time for a driver to react. Coming out of the study we came away with three key zones for putting reflectivity. Lower back for a steady reference point. The hip for a rhythmic motion. And the lower leg for a flicker zone. Together these three points alert a driver
subconsciously that there’s a cyclist ahead in a principal that we call BioMotion. BioMotion helps drivers see riders faster. With drivers being distracted very easily
now, I think the imperative around keeping riders safe is higher than ever. And I think our combination of reflectivity
in key zones and using true fluorescents that perfect storm of materials, color and design…in the end you can trust PEARL iZUMi has done the work and the research to keep riders safe regardless of the conditions they are riding in.

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