PEARL iZUMi Summit AmFIB Pant

How do we solve the problem of riding
in cool, cold, wet and windy conditions while providing a silhouette that looks
really good for trail riders here. So we worked really hard to get the fit both, in the waist and in the knee and around the ankle to work in the cycling
position without any kind of restriction. One of the things that’s really
important when designing any kind of longer length pant for cycling is making
sure that it doesn’t get caught up in the drivetrain on your bike. So we
make sure to taper the leg down so it’s not going to interfere while you’re
pedaling, with anything on your drive side or on your non-drive side. On all of the pants in the line we’re gonna have our AmFIB softshell covering all
through the front of the pant here. You’re gonna have the most coverage from the waist all the way through the knee and then we’ll use some lighter weight
fabrics down near the ankle here, they’re still providing wind and water
protection. We use thermal fabric on the back of the pant in various amounts
depending on which particular model, that have PI DRY® finish for that permanent water repellency. These have our trail access pockets the zippers are offset so
they’re really easy to get your hand in and out of while you’re in the pedaling
position compared to a traditional pocket that tends to place the items
more toward the front of the leg which you’d feel when you’re pedaling the
trail access pockets rotate the items back toward the outside of the hip so
that you’re not gonna have anything that you’re gonna feel while you’re riding
your bike. And then we’re gonna have two adjustable Velcro side straps that are
so you can fine tune the fit they’re easy to operate even with winter gloves
on. To me this pant is one of the products I’m most excited about for this
fall because it’s going to allow me to get out on those kind of cool and cold
days when I typically want to just sit inside but now I don’t have any excuses.


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