Pearl’s Guide To The Frost Fair | Doctor Who: Series 10

Hello everyone. Welcome
to Episode Three. This is the Frost Fair.
Have a look. Just going to give you a really quick tour before…
in between takes. So this is the skittles tent, I wasn’t very good
at bowling earlier and this guy, tell us about your stall? Pottery stall. Pottery stall. Very good. This is the bit where
I get pulled up over the back of the stump where the ice is melting and I get yanked up so that was just there, up there. That was on Day One. That was the first day
that we did on this episode and I had to do a stunt
on the first day, it was sick! And this guy, what’s your stall? If I’m honest, I’m
not entirely sure. What about yours? What are your stalls? Well I’m selling candles
and lots of gin. Candles and Gin? What’s the connection there? I really don’t know. Lots of people like
it so I’m happy. Nice. We like the gin. You like the gin? Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. And yours, what’s yours? This is the gingerbread stall. Gingerbread stall, there it is. It’s amazing. And that’s the pub. Alright.


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