Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Weich + Oliv Double Bass String Review

Hi, it’s Geoff from discoverdoublebass.com,
that’s the home of online double bass lessons. There’s a whole load more string reviews,
double bass lessons, and if you want to learn more about the instrument, please go and check
out that website after this video. So today, I’m doing a review of Pirastro’s
Evah Pirazzi set. They very kindly sent me a set of Weich strings, which is their lighter
gauge Evah Pirazzi string. It’s also the string that I use in all of my video lessons as well,
so you’ll be used to hearing them. And to mix things up a bit, I asked them to also
include an Oliv G. So I’m going to be seeing how much of a difference it makes changing
the G string over from the regular set, to the Oliv. So, let’s get into that right now,
and you’ll hear examples of arco and pizzicato. I’m going to start out with the full set of
Evah Pirazzi Weich strings, and let’s have a listen to how they sound under the bow.
They’re relatively easy to start, I think for a hybrid string. In my opinion, they’re
the best available, because they’ve got a great pick sound, and they do start the string
easily. Not having any problems there, there’s no scratch. And these are brand new out of
the packet as well. So they’re comfortable to play. I think, if
I was playing orchestral exclusively, I’d go for one of their orchestra brands such
as Original Flat-Chrome steel, or maybe a string like Thomastik Belcanto. But as a hybrid
string, they really are excellent. They’re easy to get started, you can get a nice sound
from them and they’re fairly quick under the bow as well. So how do they work pizzicato?
Now, you’ll be used to hearing these strings because I’m playing them in all of my videos
so far. Now this set is brand new, and I have found that they’ve got a bit more bite than
the ones I’d taken off, that I had on for three years I believe. They may be a little bit low at the moment,
there’s a bit too much buzz. So I’m really happy with the pizzicato sound of these strings.
That they were even, they’re tuning ability is perfect, really, throughout the set. The
balance is good. They’re comfortable to play and the proof is in the pudding. I’ve used
them in all of my videos so far that you’ve…the video lessons anyway, that you’ve seen. So,
yeah, I’d definitely recommend giving these a chance, and seeing how they sound on your
bass. So I’ve switched out the gut G string, and
I actually filmed this section first so I’d give the strings a chance to settle in. The
G has been on my bass now for about seven days, and I’ve done a couple of gigs, a rehearsal,
probably played a few hours a day over that period, so I’ve given it a chance to really
stabilize it’s tuning. But this is the issue with gut strings is that, the great thing
is they sound different and they have an old-school sound, which a lot of people just love. But
the down side is that they can be hard to care for, and there can be problems with tuning
stability. I’ve certainly found that these strings do
go out of tune significantly quicker than the regular Evah Pirazzi G that I’m used to.
So, if it would wind you up, if it would make you concerned about your tuning, I don’t think
this would be a good fit, but it gives you a sound that you can only really get from
gut strings. And the great thing about this Oliv G, is that it’s wrapped in silver. It’s
beautifully made. It feels very well made, very comfortable. It’s a wider diameter than the regular Evah
Pirazzi G. In fact, it’s almost as thick as their D string if you look here, but I find
it very comfortable to play. It’s just that you’re going to have to bear in mind that
you’re going to need to keep an eye out on the tuning. And what I’ll do is, I’ll report
back in the notes under this lesson to let you know how I’ve got on over a longer period
of time. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s doing in a month, and after doing a few more
gigs, whether this tuning stabilizes a bit more. So, let’s hear how it sounds. We’ll start
with the bow. Now, the D of the regular set starts very easily, and this G, the Oliv G
really does start easily as well. Yeah, I think it’s a really comfortable string to
play, let’s hear a bit more. So, it’s got a really nice arco sound. It’s
a little bit different than the other strings, but not enough that I don’t think it blends
well. I really do think it fits in nicely. I like the sound and if you’re using the bow,
then you’re not going to have any problems getting the string started, any scratchy,
anything more than you would do with the Evah Pirazzi Weich set, certainly very similar.
Subtle difference in tone, and I guess if you’re concerned about the tuning stability,
that’s the only real thing to consider. So yeah, lovely choice for arco. Let’s see how
it sounds played piz’. So I’ll do some walking bass lines for you. So yeah, playing through some changes there
for you just so you could hear how it sounds pizzicato, and I tried to focus on playing
on the G. And it fits in well with the strings, but it is a little bit duller. But it’s nice
though, it’s got a nice sort of sound to it. Very comfortable to play. It’s a bit lower
tension than the regular G string, and you get this kind of gut vibe that’s really quite
nice, quite old-school. Yeah, I think it’s a really great string.
I don’t know if I would recommend it over the regular Evah Pirazzi set. And in fact,
I’d say that if you’re just starting out or you’ve not used the Evah Pirazzi Weich set
before, just go for that. I’ve use that since they were released, which is years and years
ago now, and it’s a great hybrid string that will work really well. But if you’ve been
playing a while and you don’t mind throwing some money at experimenting with strings,
than the Oliv G really is a superb string. If you’re going to go down gut strings and
you’re like me, where you haven’t played with them much before, I think it’s a good entry
point. Because it is pretty stable for a gut string, but you’ve got to bear in mind that
there are going to be issues. And particularly if you live in a country that has quite high
changes in humidity, if you’re going to be coming in and out of air conditioned buildings,
then you’re going to find that the pitch isn’t as stable as you’re used to. So I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Big thanks
to Pirastro for providing the strings for me to review, and thank you for watching.
I really hope that you’ve got something from this, and if you’d like to join the conversation
in the comments section below this video, let me know what strings you use, what’s working
for you. And of course if you’ve tried this Oliv or the Evah set, it would be great to
hear some more experiences. Okay, I’ll see you in the next video.


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