President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s Historic Visit to Pearl Harbor

The President: This
harbor is a sacred place. We think of the more than
2,400 American patriots. Fathers, and husbands,
wives and daughters. Commanding heaven’s
rails for all eternity. America’s first battle of
the second World War roused a nation. Here in so many ways
America came of age. A generation of Americans,
including my grandparents, that greatest generation,
they did not seek war, but they refused to
shrink from it. The bravery, we recall here
as forever etched in our national heart. The United States and Japan
chose friendship and they chose peace. The connection it not just
between our governments but between our people. The presence of Prime
Minster Abe here today, remind us of what is
possible between nations and between people’s. Wars can end, the most
bitter of adversaries can become the
strongest of allies. The fruits of peace always
outweigh the plunder of war. This is the enduring truth
of this hallowed harbor. The sacrifice made here. The anguish of war reminds
us to seek that divine spark that is common
to all humanity. Here in this quiet harbor,
we honor those we lost and we give thanks for all that
our two nations have won together as friends. May God hold the fallen
in His everlasting arms. May He watch over our
veterans and all who stand guard on our behalf. May God bless us all. Thank you. (applause)

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