Prof. Judea Pearl and Ruth Pearl Interview Technion Harvey Prize

the Technion always carry the soft spot in my heart first because I met my wife here in second because that is where my scientific curiosity has been shaped people like Professor Ohlendorf and Abram Ginsburg and Michael nearly infinite role models and one cannot ask for more ladies and gentlemen good evening I’d like to welcome you to the 2011 Harvey price their home I know how prestigious they say prizes you only need to have a quick glance at the former winners to realize the importance of this prize names like Claude Shannon and Michael Robin come to mind technion-israel institute of technology American Dental Society hereby confer on professor you the pearl the Holly Prize in science and technology I’m very honored my specific research had to do with equipping machines with the ability to handle uncertainty and we are able today to take thousands and millions of variables and encode the probabilities that connects them to each other and encode the degree of belief that needs to be updated when we see no evidence and that has led to a tremendous number of applications from medical diagnosis Homeland Security to hardware diagnosis and so on and so on given the instrument of that the tragedy has entrusted Epona’s we had to do something actively and effectively against the hatred they took our son’s life foundation was formed a week after the tragedy we simply did not have a choice that it was a musician and a journalist it was natural with these two elements will be part of him so we started to bring journalists from Muslim countries to the United States and to have them spend a week of a Jewish Journal we felt this way we are opening their eyes to the fact the Jews and Muslims are not that different another vehicle use is in the secretive animals a musician and that one took off very easy last year we had participation of 2088 concert in 83 countries and dedicating the concert to the idea of the line you stood for to coexistence and tolerance and respect for differences food or what it takes to bring people together the book I’m Jewish we have asked a simple question when you say I’m Jewish what do you really mean and we ask this question to 300 scholars statesman journalist and so on to me it means to identify myself with the past present and future of a collective of individual who happened to call himself choice we are bonded by history and we are bonded by a desire to shape our destiny together the existence of Israel and the success of the pride to get from the problems in Israel is the last bond to the Jewish nation

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