Richard Goldstein meets the Rolling Stones

My third article, I got to
meet the Rolling Stones. So wait, what? Yeah, I did. You know I mean, because they came to town
and I don’t exactly know how I wrangled this, but I got there was a press event on
this boat, because they couldn’t stay in a hotel, no hotel would have them. And so they they rented a, like a yacht
in the boat basin on 79th Street in the Hudson. And so I spent an afternoon on that boat,
just maybe about 30-40 reporters and them. And so I got to meet all of them and talk
to them and interview them and take a Polaroid picture of Brian, you know,
with his get ups and all that stuff. And I wrote it and then one of them
invited me to to ride in their limo. So the limo, there’s an
underground garage there. The window was underground,
and I got in there with them. This was Charlie Watts. You know, the nice one? Yeah, he, you know, I was, first of all
I have to say, I was in awe of every performer, that I met every one of them
without exception, and with the Rolling Stones, I barely could
get any questions out. I was so shy and an all around them and
they, so Charlie Watts came up to me and said, “Don’t be nervous, ask your
questions,” you know, so he kind of so then he invited me into their limo and
when the limo emerged from the garage, girls closed in on it from all sides, and
splayed themselves across the windshield, pounded on the windows, and got the door
open and dragged Brian out of the door and started to rip it his clothing and police
you know, intervened and, you know, he would they yanked him back into the car. And I was like, I was thunderstruck by
this because the show of ecstasy, you know. Later thinking back on this, I think, you
know, I wanted to be one of those girls really. But I couldn’t be of course, there’s no
way that I could have behaved like that around a rocker. But I really, in a way
identified with them. And I’m very moved by it, but the
guys were like, Oh, no, no, not again. No, they were very blase about it. Yeah, because everywhere
they went this was happening. No. Well, who knows what they felt. Yeah, nobody else was in the limo. But me. So I wrote about this was Because Charlie Watts took mercy on me. And I didn’t look like a professional. You know, I damn well did not look like
a guy from the Bronx with long hair. You know? I knew nothing about how
to behave in Manhattan. You know, I I didn’t dress
like I came from Manhattan. I had a ha’penny from England from
my trip to England around my neck. You know, ha’penny is a
coin with a hole in it. I don’t think they have,
it doesn’t exist anymore. But I had this coin and I wore
it on a string around my neck. You can imagine that that’s
not Manhattan, you know? So, but for sure, I think for somebody
like Charlie Watts, it was he took pity on me basically. So, and I think that probably I was so shy
that a lot of these performance felt that they could open up and
around me which they did.

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