Sea Glass Charm Bracelet Tutorial

Hello and welcome to another jewelry making
video brought to you by Today, we’re making a fun, summery, dangly,
charm bracelet using ocean-theme charms and some sea glass or faux sea glass beads.
To make this bracelet you will need, a bracelet which is just a length of chunky chain with
a clasp. I found this in my local crafts store all made up all together with the clasp and
the chain. You’ll also need some charms, and this is a package of ten ocean-theme charms
and some sea glass. Now you can purchase sea glass, these are actually faux sea glass. These are translucent polymer clay
mixed with a drop of alcohol ink. Let the alcohol ink evaporate completely and then
mix it in and bake them and make yourself some beads or you can just buy sea glass beads.
You’ll need a few spacers. I have here some sterling silver plated spacers, some sterling
silver plated head pins, some jump rings. For tools, you’ll need chain nose pliers,
wire cutters and round nose pliers. The first thing I am going to do is make dangles
out of my sea glass charms and that’s just a spacer on a head pin and then sea glass and then
another spacer. Grasp the wire of the head pin right above where the wire comes out of
the last bead, bend at a 90 degree angle, tuck in your round nose pliers. This is kind
of a chunky chain so I am going to make slightly larger loops than I might normally. Bend the
wire around the round nose pliers as far as you can go and then reposition and finish
your loop. So it should be at a 90 degree angle from where you started.
Now I am going to wrap these on to the chain and put one on every other link of chain so
I need to open that slightly, just bend it so it’s open and then pop it up onto the chain.
Hold on to the loop with one pair chain nose pliers and then grasp the wire with another
pair and just wrap around that little bit of wire that’s exposed. Then use your wire
cutters to trim off the excess wire. Since that’s silver plated make sure and save that.
You can recycle it. Then tuck in that end so it’s not sharp. And repeat to add one sea
glass piece to every other link of your chain. So once all of the sea glass charms are on, now you
can take your sea creature charms and arrange them however you would like to have them spaced
on your bracelet. And then use jump rings to attach them.
The way you open the jump ring is grab one side with a pair of chain nose pliers, grab
the other side with another then twist one side away from you while pulling the other
towards you and then I am just going to pop that on my charm and put it over the chain
and then close it up again. Repeat to add all your charms and your bracelet is done.
Here’s another look at the bracelet we made today. It’s a fun summery design. But of course
you could make it with any kinds of beads and charms you like for any season or style
that suits you. Thanks so much for watching KeepsakeCrafts’
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