Sekou Andrews & The String Theory – Good Vibes (Official Video)

If we were to peel away our layers
of flesh and bone If we could lift up our blood cells,
Cast off our chemistry, And burrow beneath our neurons What we would find us all to be
at our core is vibration Percussive particles that vibrate themselves into everything that matters
is matter colliding into molecules
that ricochet out of atoms And for every vibration
there a voice An instrument that transposes
oscillation into communication For every voice
there is a story A 3-part concerto through which
we compose ourselves And for every story
there is a score A soundtrack that narrates our journey
with music as evidence that our vibrations got soul
(you hear that?) Our stories have heart
(you hear that) Our chaos has rhythm,
organized into rhythm sections that score our heartbeats,
and footsteps, and acts of God Timpanis erupt us into avalanches Djembes precipitate our rain dances Woodwinds and Brass breathe life into romances
And re-re-remix the classical story of love / like two instruments
from dissonant families who combine their half notes into wholes Where noise meets world / like
brass meets strings / like a harp that falls for a clavichord
and takes his last name / like young harpsichords in love
whose Frenchhorn kisses make music Lips pressed to mouthpiece
got my valve open, son! / Like heart strings plucking at
tethered emotions / Like (she loves me not)
Nah, she loves me (she loves me not)
Nah nah, she loves me I feel the pound of her heart’s kick drum
when she hugs me I hear the sound of her hair’s shakers
so lovely I see the round of angel
harp strings above me You? Naw you can ‘t tell me this ain’t love! You know love That feeling that makes tubas hit high notes
and piccolos play bass So stick a tuning fork in me,
cause I am done!! (Many love songs little real love hunger searching find it only fight for the true love) You match your pitch to my vibes and we become 1 – family of instruments that found each
other’s A 2 – strips of cane that share the same breath 3 – feet of brass that hold our vocal cords 4 – strands of hair stretched across a hollow box packed with vibrations that reveal our stories plot Our bodies are instruments! You – that’s right, the untamed thrashing of Steel Drums And you you better pluck with passion on that cello! And you all brass section, with ferocity GO! And over here, strings with abandon people!
With abandon!!! And where is my air section?
Air section front and center! You, my friend, are on air bagpipe
In the back gimme air didgeridoo And you people are the sob story of
12 air violins and violas And you sir You better play that air guitar
like it’s made of pure, hospital grade oxygen And when you finish your air solo feel free
to kick over your air amplifier Smash your air guitar on the stage, and set them both
on air fire Each flame cackling to the laughter of castanets Each movement a journey from
point A (sharp) to B (flat) Our bodies are instruments From spoons to bassoons Both bones and trombones
All washboards and clavichords And we join forces and voices as orchestras
to give our life narration To tell the tales of our civilizations
of trumpets and gatherers who use Oboes and arrows to slay sorrows and capture hearts
reverberating our connection WE ARE ART!! (Many love songs little real love hunger searching find it only fight for the true love) We’re composed of vibrations
that ripple and collide Our bodies are instruments
that harness good vibes Our cells keep our score
Our music is alive Our voice hungers for harmony We are symphony We are tribe


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