Shadow Celebi, Crystal Onix, Totoro & More! Pokemon ultraLOCKE EP1 | Austin John Plays

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world Austin John plays here and Philly beats
you here and welcome to the official ultra lock the very beginning of our
journey through the brand-new reimagining of real brand new reimagine
de Lola of brand new alone long story short there’s gonna be a full randomizer
there’s gonna be random Pokemon in here there’s gonna be some fun special stuff
that we’re going to be encountering along the way we have not yet picked our
starters and that’s gonna be the very beginning of our game we are doing a
giveaway for a copy of Pokemon ultra Sun or ultra moon I don’t think we decided
which one it’s gonna be whoever of us wins that’s the cat’s a copy very good
again not this exact copy just that’s the game you’re gonna be getting also
we’re giving away a brand new to TS XL the pokeball one it’s chilling back
there right behind me is it edition yes has Pikachu on the cupboard store
alright so even though we are going to be seeing the original three starters we
have Ralad linen and the retarded seal in front of us
we’re going to be picking oh we have the option of steelix Snorlax and Lucario
well you’re retarded seal is Lucario’s nor lacks is gonna be lit in and the
Rowlett here is gonna be a steelix I’ve actually never done steelix and
like I’ve never even played with steelix once I finally got the metal coat and
traded onyx I was like great done with it don’t want to be bothered I’ve had a
Lucario and X&Y and I had Snorlax in the Sun and Moon I’m gonna pick steelix I
never really played with just Snorlax before and I know the other two got mega
evolution but I wanna I want to stick with snore lecture this one alright –
Snorlax there we go you lifted Snorlax gently into your heart Snorlax looks looks very different right
yeah it’s no sorry sorry steel helix yeah I’m picking up Snorlax raid isn’t
some relax like 2,000 pounds yet pretty sure cars 2,000 kilograms really heavy
no you also pick up a Cosmo what’s that that’s not that’s that’s not a regular
steel that is a crystal this is crystal it looks like a diamond it looks like a
Minecraft diamond stick that’s it that is a minecraft diamond stealing you
know that kind of reminds me of the lore in the Pokemon anime there was a diamond
crystal like onyx yeah there was what is that it looks like it looks like a looks
like a derby snow that that my friend is Totoro from my neighbor totoro a very
very very popular anime all right I don’t watch anime that were explained
well you know what look at his face look at his face
okay that is I’m so happy I fixed our life it’s the greatest thing ever okay
so I’m gonna go ahead pick that snorlock i guess you have to name it Totoro I
guess I have to name a Totoro yep what’s the character from mine and Steve Steve
Steve that’s just the the regular that’s the general minecraft so yours is gonna
be Steve Steve as you’re probably gonna see here we’re gonna have our team of
six listed here I think it’d be a pretty cool idea if anyone is good at graphic
design they won’t do some fanart of the pokemon that we have it’s a great
idea then we can put their images right there on the screen
yeah we just do not we just request to not be not hand drawing images because
we do need to make them digital and somewhat small so if anyone does want to
submit some fanart for our avatars of our Pokemon awesomely appreciated oh
yeah especially Totoro yeah especially yeah
all right first step right in the middle of a patch of grass young girls young
girls young girls oh are you serious I got them you got a love damn it is your
abilities actually different what a shadow shield pick on that reduces the
amount of damage to the Pokemon takes when the HP is full that’s correct it
kind of like matches the steel type Pokemon can ask that when you get hit
like sturdy kind of it’s almost matching and have a sport ball a special poke of
all that is used during the bug catching cock I done goofed I should have used
this sport ball to catch this Butterfree what is this like a shadow
free yeah that’s not a normal boat wow that’s shadow butter feet
dude that’s definitely a corrupt that’s that’s a corrupt Butterfree as an ax
crows McGregor but I got moss on my stuff let’s take a look at your loved it
yeah yeah oh it’s the same love dose it’s the same love disc
yeah that’s very funny that’s very funny wank look it’s like yeah I gotta love
this clearly you’re also holding Blastoise mega stone just cuz I’m fat
like black slate doesn’t mean I have to hold a blast Lloyd stone
alright and I have my move turbo blaze mousse can be used on the target
regardless of its abilities this is this is going great and I encounter I love
this you know what we look like Totoro so that’s all that matters
all right let’s I just loved Steve we had to take out the butter free cuz we
didn’t get balls yet I’m wait I have to go for stop there on that oh I hope we
don’t encounter something really really good and then I have to kill it all
that’s gonna be so bad okay so love disgust out I’m telling you toto it’s
gonna save the day at the end this let’s play I’m telling you it’s gonna happen
all I know is I just want to make sure are you ready are you clean he’s he’s
actually shining his steel eggs yeah can you washing my my diamond
stealing I don’t think that’s getting the moss off though I think the moss is
part of the package yeah you like that don’t you you want to bury I bet you do
I’ll give you give you a blueberry oh why are you down there no no it’s like
Oh hits smile that’s oh it’s adorable oh my gosh I’m in love with Totoro
alright let’s get out of here let’s move on oh oh does this mean that I’m now
going to be battling yep yes was it was it Lucario I think but I think it’s
since its randomized it might be something completely different
Wow and he’s not even how on my screen he is
a Clarion user how now I wonder if he has a flame on
I got an ace duo how and how mine got a swine up
I got spin de dude house got some trash broke this is not a rival the great
sterner you got there buddy and this thing real quick just straight
it up oh yeah yeah yep no I mean I think we both have slow pokemons yeah good why
is this spender – yeah you’re fighting a tanky spin de
yeah hi – mines down yeah that was one shot for me it’s bending you strength oh
I think it used me first yeah yeah your spin is not going down all right so clearly from this let’s
play trainer encounters will not look like their overworld models they’ll be
completely randomized into something else so that’s something interesting to
a key town every time I see it I can think of a fairly oddparents welcome to
the Mahalo trial I’m going up Mahalo I feel like there’s always a more
Hawaiian way of saying hey say like saying it I don’t know when I want to
say everything like stitch doesn’t lilo and stitch
Mahalo Mahalo chill means family family means no pokemons gets left behind there’s only one Disney character that I
can do and it’s Mickey Mouse hot dogs I’m ready for a big adventure Oh No look
at those spero whoa who’s that that’s newly ah what’s wrong help save nebby
who’s nemi I just met you why are you so demanding but I’m not a
trainer I mean she could just go and punch a sparrow in the face you know you
don’t need a battle poke you should have some bag you could throw a bag and a
sparrow just just whip the bag around you see actual sparrows when you walk up
to them they fly away yeah dude they’re Birds
oh my spear is a rock rough wait really yeah oh no this is bad I’m gonna kill it
it’s a shot no I said with a love biscuit now I’m gonna be killing ashati
rock row are you serious right now this is horrible oh it’s adorable
no it’s not it matches my stealing it’s gonna die you know eyeballs yet yeah I
don’t have the balls to kill it Austin that’s what I don’t have
oh man this is wrong oh and you got a crit that recruit really mattered
welcome back Austin John so what did you think I could like ooh and Ajala he’s
pretty cool he gave me the steelix somehow it’s fitting in the house pretty sure your house we broke it down
hey Siri how big is the Pokemon steelix still exceeds 30 meters long and 880
pounds 30 meters it’s a little too big for a little camera fit in the doorway
look at the doorway 30 meters is 90 feet that’s a lot that’s bigger than the
house he can’t fit in the door it’s longer than the house most likely how
come our mom’s in the same color but do so much darker mom likes a little
chocolate in her milk you know why isn’t why does white uh I
don’t understand why the professor’s in her house how does he get in without a
key he just parties in it’s a loss is that a Hawaii thing you’re the only
house that wasn’t that was a game theory I was a conspiracy you’re like the only
house we are the only house there’s no other training you have one neighbor he
and he’s a shirtless man who’s just gonna walk walks into your mom’s house
right just she’s just there yeah great first encounter all right I’m gonna go
in line here we go what do you got what do you got what what happening that’s
not special that’s actually normal well happening you get through SOS
encounter is still on route one though you also got a happening I got a
happening – I think this happening is is a staged Pokemon you think so yeah cuz I
think the first encounter that he’s supposed to get is supposed to be a rock
rough no not robbing no they don’t piggyback pickup it I think I could make
it standard okay however here on route 1 you have a hundred percent encounter
rate and I think these two patches of grass so I’m use that opportunity to
right now to share something else now oh look all right check mine out be a nice
fast electric type right at the beginning of the game yeah we definitely
definitely something else to help deal with me not having any speed sonic oh boy that’s not good what what
oh my Janna shit this is second one I don’t have to kill until I get pokeballs
you do I got a golden doggy electrode is Moody
that’s a moody electrode with sonic boom I don’t know how to uh not kill my it
mighty yen out I’m level six please don’t die on my just damaged enough do
die on the other end of the spectrum if he used a sonic boom again I’m dead so I
hope that’s not gonna happen I’m holding right in a cuz that’s that’s
that’s how I can catch it please catch it yeah Oh hundred-percent
encounter Billy beats you the shiny murderer what
I’m sorry I’m sorry is that look at its eye is that a dark shadow or whatever
shadow shadow salivate what kind of luck am I having my mom gave me a pokeball
I’m that going for me which is nice okay okay guys I’m gonna not kill I special
pokémon all right I want a special Celebi oh you know what wait I don’t
have pokeballs yeah your balls I do it see I forgot to play the game ready look
at that okay I’m nurse ncapture I’m shaking oh I’m shaking there’s a desert
there I’ve a regular my yeah okay yeah I’m not gonna even bother hitting it
catch the schedule yeah route 100% catch rate is it yeah
really yeah your first patch of grass has a hundred percent catch rate the
more you know check out that celibate yeah we’re
checking out that some of you right now I’m not nicknaming it oh wait I got one
too I go and see you’re not special you’re not special
ah let’s go get that butter for you too oh you didn’t Nick named yours no I
didn’t bro you have to nickname them I do yeah
that’s like the number-one rule of doing a let’s play they need to be special to
you and this one is obviously very special yeah that’s why I called him
Celebi so after a lot of research for something that’d be the perfect name for
this I haven’t thought of something so for now I’m just going to name it yo Kai
which is Japanese for devil okay we’re gonna go past here so again just
mentioning if anyone wants to drop some fan art of our team more than welcome to
having it because it’s gonna be up here over here I might I might mock up like
oh it’s what Audrey that’s not actually Audrey that’s that’s the that’s the guy
who gives you the Peter ride yes you fight him at some point oh okay got you
oh maybe cuz you also have Audrey it’s a naughty no so this is fake oh it’s a
shiny Oh Dino Wow another shiny that I could add to the list that I murdered in
this game you have literally count what’s it Philly kills shiny calorie yet
two three three three two were events one was a wild gonna go with the storm
threads this seems to be working well for Michael total so far and I see you
have like good damaging moves so that’s the what I’m being carried by that move
here we go next one whoa that’ll get your experience up that do I
take it has a bulky tech now I have a tanks that would get my experience oh it
probably doesn’t have any damaging moves or if it does it only I was like egg
bomb so then I’m gonna just grass whistle that’s it yeah that’s it that’s my XP
right there oh my gosh that’s a great way to get XP alright now moving on
let’s see I want to get I want to get something in this grass nope just more
experience that’s all you’re getting you might not want to level up too much
oh I’ll take a dark ride well come on I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to
actually catch it though cuz this isn’t the first patch of grass and what star
cries encountered catch rate three is it represent
oh yeah the catch rates are still gonna be high for the three percent on one HP
eight this or this will prove if you’re actually a lucky guy are you a lucky guy
Austin Jenna and I can’t hit it because I don’t have confusion are you a lucky
guy Austin John please no let’s bring out Sparky boy ominous wind well you
caught Sparky boy yeah oh I don’t have three months I know you caught Sparky
boy yeah oh my special attack fell that’s awful
alright I’m gonna give URI impulse oh not what I wanted to choose I might have to grab the ice broken um I’m Moody my vase Intimus rollers
sharply and my special attack film four stages already yeah I’m kind of curious
to see what’s could have put that Darkrai with sonic boom it should have
more than $20.00 did not have more than 20 how well ladies and gentlemen but one
one on the Austin John kills a legendary Pokemon tally mythical Pokemon harder
than a legendary oh yeah that’s right higher tier you got evil Pokemon showing
up you got dark Pokemon you got me killing shiny pokey we got shadows
showing up everywhere Oh huh you’ve had a darker I got a dark
ride here we go all right whoa I’m gonna be very lucky
I’m gonna put it to sleep and I’m gonna catch it
oh well yeah you have a grass move Oh kind of bluesy great I think I’m gonna
own a dark right I want to I want to see you catch this
dark ride maybe all my look I want to see you waste all your pokeball you’re
not even gonna attack it won’t eat you I’m I’m amazing at this game watch this
check it out this is still the first route you still
have the encounter catch got dark right that’s my third Pokemon on the team all
right I don’t know what I’m going to knock
catch Darkrai I I think we should make a rule here that we shouldn’t duplicate
Pokemon yep it’s a good rule yeah so whoever catches
the cool bond first the other one has to back down i yes that’s a good rule that
is now a rule of the Oh Chuck we cannot catch the same Pokemon yes
boom rule number one I’ve got a cos MOG 1 it evolved into yeah in like 40 levels
but is it for now it just has oh wait even if we bought that cosmic I is gonna
evolve differently than yours today is that an exception to them it would be
important to catch it just in case we’re not gonna find anything later oh oh he
is a guarantee to only have splash now what named mine Esther if I get if I’m
happen to have it in my patch it’s in the next patch what is it on mega wild nah I can’t with
this first this first episode is ridiculous I just want to see it more
but am I allowed to catch it no I’m not a I’m not allowed to get on how about I
catch it and dump it why did I get a steal it a mega steelix why does he look
so cool I don’t know but now I know what my
steelix is is gonna look like or I just catch a mega steelix and then I happen
hold it what are you are you replacing your starter this guy’s gonna replace
it’s not really is this one yeah it’s not really replacing it it’s just and
it’s just swapping it for its alternative version have you stayed in
that patch long enough I might be able to find a shiny dark ride and then
replace that dark gray out what a shiny dark ride oh my god
you know tempting it is to actually don’t poke you all this cuz you’re on
route 1 it’s 100% catch race yes so that means are they gonna hand you a
cause bug no you get on the pole but are they gonna hand you boy pose the
question probably not probably gonna be something awesome er mm-hmm like
Magikarp listen I like Magikarp I found another Luvdisc no actually that’s my
first Luvdisc I should catch it let’s see let’s threw
me off man let’s see what we get now this time whoa mega Metagross
I think he’s betting on my team that’s yours that’s my that’s all yours too
great way to start this game it is gonna be slow as molasses I mean my mega is
also super slow what oh hang on boy is that uh is that scars
wife from Lion King did scar get a female ignore that it’s female it’s
scarred it’s clearly scar the name of it yes one for scar ah I love that’s like
the greatest progression right there Metagross mm nope anything else Aloha is
really corrupt in this let’s play Austin this this alternate universe of ultra
this is like ultra moon ultrasone this is almost like ultra mega moving in
ultra mega Sun it’s like an ultra long oh I see what you did there I know both
of us would want this elevate right best out of three all right Rock Paper
Scissors shoot Rock Paper Scissors shoot one Rock Paper
Scissors shoot Rock Paper Scissors shoot Rock Paper
Scissors shoot shoot shoot shoot yes I get this it’ll be super good I think
he’s gonna go for the pyroar alright yeah I get the pie Roy plus you need to
give it a name but Agni I’m tank tank all lowercase tank Frank the tank tank
that’s two bank tank tank tank it is alright so looks
like this is gonna be wrapping up the episode let’s take a quick recap of
everything I do need to get rid of my Celebi because instead of my Celebi
instead I’m gonna be having scar which I forgot was a nickname so we’re gonna
make sure to do that I’ve Sparky boy who’s my electrode I
have Steve who is my mega steelix which we caught because I have regular
Steve who is Diamond I do like his color a lot more Steve does look nice yeah
both of us have an Emmy that’s going to be just in case we don’t have an
opportunity gets cos Smaug later in the game and that’s my team alright yours uh
here we go with mine so we got our Celebi of course with its cool moves
that don’t really do anything we got our Totoro which is been carrying the team
with star they’re all completely just wrecks
Pokemon and your mega Blastoise yeah make a super super effective then we got
ourselves our Darkrai which we made the rule and then I couldn’t get the other
coolest elix but I ended up with dark gray so I do have my dark ride he’s got
a couple cool moves amber disarming voice assurance for some kind of good
coverage and your focus is ability we got a cosmic which are gonna dump in the
PC out for later and it has a bunch of healing psychic moves and poison sting
and its ability is rain dish and then we have our tank just it’s just tank this
tank episode number one of the ultra lock like we mentioned previously we are
going to be doing the giveaway there’s going to be a link down below for gleam
be sure to check that out there’s a few different ways to enter we are joined
the winner at the end of the let’s play until next time philly beats you and
austin John out


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