Show & Tell: Czech Glass Pearls

Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Julie with and in this show and tell video I have a
gorgeous range of czech glass pearl beads. Now these are
czech glass. They’re not real pearls and that actually is something that I love about them because some of the challenges that come
with real pearls like their uneven hole size, uneven color and shape has now been taken care of, that’s no
longer an issue with this czech glass pearl beads but they still have the shine
and the look of real pearls and they have a really
nice weight to them it’s not super heavy but it’s got a substantial feel to it and these are just beautiful the sheen
is gorgeous they’re perfectly round and they have nice
uniformed holes now we’ve brought in a variety of sizes.
We have these super tiny ones which are two millimeters which would be great for a lot of bead
embroidery projects and bead weaving projects It’s also a hard size to find in a real pearl we have three millimeters, four millimeters, six millimeters, eight millimeters and ten millimeters
and then we have these wonderful strands which are so fun. These are graduated. They come like this. You get a whole strand with these different graduated sizes
and they range from the smallest is the ten millimeter and the largest is sixteen millimeter. A really nice range and I’ll show you a quick project that our
designer Kat put together you’ll see here she used one of the graduated strands and then she just paired it with a couple other of the smaller size strands and hung it on some beading wire. Another great
advantage to these czech glass pearls is you can hang these on beading wire you can just string them, use a crimp
bead. She used a crimp bead cover here to finish it
but they’re gonna be able to be strung right next to each other which is different from a real pearl where
you’re gonna wanna go ahead and use pearl knotting to create a strand of pearls like this. You wouldn’t
want to just string them straight onto some beading wire just another great advantage to these.
Personally I’m in love with these. I think of so many different projects I can do with
these. I’ve been really waiting for a collection like this
to come about and they are all available now at and you can see
all the different colors and all the different sizes on the website. A lot of different inspiration
projects such as this graduated pearl necklace that Kat did so I hope you enjoyed this show and tell.
These are really really lovely. I hope that on camera here
their shine is able to be conveyed and their beauty Pleased do check them out at along with our other product offerings Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!


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