Show & Tell: Twisted Czech Glass Dagger Beads

Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Julie with and I have an show-and-tell for you today. These here are czech glass
twist beads. They get their name because they
do have a slight twist in that shape and they measure six
millimeters across by 12 millimeters long. I want to show you some of the different colors that they are available in we have crystal Picasso which is this great
almost tortoiseshell look, like a vintage
tortoiseshell, crystal amber, see that looks like crystal chrome, you have crystal AB this a jet green with a slight red luster to it we’ve got jet black over here I love this one, this is a jet amber, very unique color there, you see it’s jet on one side and amber on the other but this amber
looks very gold, so just keep that in mind and
I love that we have crystal capri gold, Crystal Vitrail jet chrome, again it’s gonna be one color
on one side jet on the other, a jet picasso super fun. That’s one of my very favorites.
Matte crystal, a regular crystal and then we have a jet vega. This is almost like a wine color, it’s a cross between a deep
brown slash burgundy. It’s really an interesting color
and then we have a jet hematite as well. I have made an example here of how you can use them and I’ve just done a really quick pair of
earrings but I think it showcases the twist in the bead really nicely and those are super easy to make. We’ll
actually have another video on showing how to make this exact earring. So these would be great to
use in Kumihimo. You can imagine them spiraling up san Kumihimo braid, general stringing projects, a whole bunch
of different things you can do with these I do want you to know that they do have
a single hole. I know a lot of different beads are coming out right now are part of a two-hole beading system.
These are a single hole bead which makes them very versatile and easy to work into a bunch of different projects Once again these are called czech glass twist bead. They get their name from
that great twist shape that they have. A lot of different
things you can work these into and we’ll have more projects on in the months to come. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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