SmartMetabo-Lean Pellets Review

JESSICA: Hi, I’m Jessica from the Barns team,
and today I’m reviewing SmartMetabo-Lean Pellets. I feed this product, because I own a very
easy keeper, and I have to manage his weight really carefully. I love SmartMetabo-Lean Pellets because of
how comprehensive this formula is for helping maintain a healthy metabolism. Some of the cornerstone ingredients include
5,000 mg of magnesium, 5 mg of chromium yeast, lots of antioxidants such as Vitamin E and
a whole bunch of others, and some beneficial herbs such as cinnamon, banaba leaf, bitter
melon, and more. As part of your horse’s overall wellness program
that of course includes working with your veterinarian, SmartMetabo-Lean Pellets is
designed to help support overweight horses and those prone to metabolic conditions that
include Equine Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance. One of the smartest things about this formula
is that it’s been designed to complement either a vitamin-mineral supplement or a ration balancer
making it the perfect partner for your easy keeper’s diet, especially if they get little
to no grain like my horse. These pellets are beet pulp based and very
palatable, so even horses that get no grain will find them very tasty. SmartMetabo-Lean Pellets are the perfect choice
for most horses that are overweight and at risk for metabolic challenges. Of course, work with your veterinarian, give
them plenty of exercise, and follow a comprehensive management program. SmartMetabo-Lean Pellets are available in
resealable bags, or better yet, in SmartPaks. I’m Jessica, and SmartMetabo-Lean Pellets
are an important part of my easy keeper’s metabolic health.

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