SNEAK PEEK | The Rolling Stones: Crossfire Hurricane

Last week New York City finally got to
see and hear The Rolling Stones. We were the last stop on a tour that took them
into 30 cities in about six weeks, the grueling trip. Went to Madison Square
Garden to meet Mick Jagger the singer with the group, a fascinating man and
he’s been described variously as the supreme sexual object in modern Western culture, the compound of menace and energy, a sadomasochistic freak and a
pussycat, various other things. We have for you
tonight an impression I think a fairly accurate one of what goes on outside,
inside, and backstage at Madison Square Garden when the Rolling Stones are in
town. How much is your technique and your sense of timing developed you reckon
over the last five or six years? Oh you talk to me like an act so you know I don’t understand anything about all those things I just go on and
do it I don’t know about timing or anything. You give me the impression, and I’ve
watched you, of whether it’s conscious or not, being a very very shrewd
professional performer. No, no, it’s not true.

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