Solar Active® Color Change Sun Activated™ Heart UV Beads Video

These are the clear heart shaped beads by
SolarActive International. They will start clear, and then right when you walk outside
rain or shine they will change color. I believe these ones change into a magenta, however
its hard to tell because you can’t see any color indoors. I took a bunch of them and
threw then in a bowl here to show you just how great these beads work. Now let’s take
these outside to see the amazing color change! Right when you step out into the sun they
start changing color instantly. Now as we remove the top layer we see that some of them
underneath, since they are blocked by the other beads, didn’t get any UV light. Right
when the sun hits those beads they start changing colors. Great for a craft projects, or even
a cool science project. You can create necklaces, bracelets. You can find these on our website
at along with many of our other amazing products powered by SolarActive


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