Sparkling Snowflakes-Polymer Clay Christmas Ornaments Series-2016

Hi there, Sandy here. Welcome to week 2 of my polymer clay Christmas
ornament series. This week I’m going to be showing you how
to make these fun snowflakes. It’s a really nice meditative process. You’ll find that you just get lost in it and
enjoy making a whole bunch. So the first thing that you will need to make
your snowflakes is some sort of template. Now you don’t need anything quite as fancy
as these. Really all you need are three lines at 60
degree angles to each other just to delineate the six sections of the snowflake. Those of you who are my patrons, I will have
this template on the Patreon page for you to download and use, but you don’t need it. You’ll also need a piece of glass. Even though this one has grid markings, which
seems like they might be distracting, I didn’t really find them to be a problem at all. They’re probably more distracting on camera. What you want to do is tape your paper with
your template to the back of the glass, that way you can move the whole thing around as
you work on different ones. Of course you’re not limited to these sizes. Like I said, draw your own templates and make
them whatever size you want. Next of course you’ll want some polymer clay
and you can make your snowflakes out of any colors that you want. I’ve chosen Premo Opal, which is actually
just transparent with these little iridescent flecks in there. Pearl, which seemed appropriate and this one
is White Gold Glitter, which is really pretty. So after you’ve conditioned your clay and
I conditioned about a half a block of each, which was more than enough. You want to roll your clay out on a medium
setting. This is about a three on my pasta machine,
which is about 1.5mm thick. I tried it thinner and I didn’t really like
the look. I thought this was just right, but you can
experiment to see what works for you. Also you’ll find it helpful to extrude some
of your polymer clay into ropes. This is a 2-2.5mm round disk on my extruder
and I’ve just extruded some of the clay. Now you can see because of the little iridescent
flecks in there, the opal doesn’t extrude into a nice smooth rope, but we can make our
snowflakes look nice so don’t worry about that. Although you can manage without them, a few
sets of small shaped cutters will come in real handy and make the process go a bit more
quickly. So here I have a Sculpey set and I’ve used
a lot of these shapes in my snowflakes. Most of these are all Kemper Kutter sets. These are all circles. These ones are ovals and these ones are mini
shapes, like 3/16″ shapes. And I used some of all of these, a couple
of ball tools can be helpful for making your shapes and then just some of your other clay
tools. So for this one, I used the diamond and the
marquis and some extruded rope and I also used the small oval and cut pieces of the
opal clay and stacked that so you don’t have to use just one color. You can use other colors and you don’t have
to have just one layer. You can stack layers on top of each other. For this snowflake you can see that I used
the glitter ropes. I kind of pressed down the first two once
in the center once I put them down and that way it wasn’t a big thick bulky spot in there. And you can see I used the flower, this little
six sided flower in that set, which was perfect, and then the hearts and then the teardrops
and I even used the small circle because they just looked too solid. I think with this one I may need to go back
and add some more, maybe some spirals or something else. It looks a little plain and that’s the beautiful
thing, that you can bake it and then you can go back and add more later if you want. This one was coming out kind of steam punk
so I dusted it with Copper and Bronze Perfect Pearls and that’s kind of cool, and also used
the small ball tool just to kind of add to that steam punk look. So in this snowflake there are several examples
of using your cutters to really good advantage. You can see that I have these little diamonds
here, but I don’t have any cutters that are small diamonds. I also have this ‘v’ shape here and all I
did to get those two shapes was I took the diamond cutter that I do have, cut out a diamond
and then cut another out of that and there’s my ‘v’ shape and there’s my small diamond. So you can cut shapes out of shapes, use your
cutters to sculpt other shapes. Now also on here I have these little crescent
moon shapes and those are kind of fun because to get my six crescent moons, I cut three
circles and then cut again overlapping and now you can see out of each of those shapes
I have two crescent shapes and a little marquis shape. Here they are so you can see. Here’s a crescent and a marquee and a crescent. And in the center of the snowflake was a circle
cutter with another circle cut out of it. You can add dots. Like I said, it’s just very much a meditative
process that you just add what looks good next. So here’s this one that I built right on this
shape and I did kind of copy the shape. I like these spikey things and so I used the
extruded opal clay and like I said, it comes out of the extruder kind of wobbly and all
you need to do is give it a light roll and a pull and you can see it’s nice and straight. And you can place your pieces down. If there’s going to be several layers, just
kind of give it a squash against the glass and that will keep it in place. And by the way, I know this grid is probably
a little distracting and the best thing to use is just a piece of glass from a picture
frame. You just go ahead and build these and I built
all these shapes the same way. Use the craft blade, cut the pieces, shape
them. Do make sure they’re pretty well stuck together
because these are small thin pieces. You don’t want your snowflake falling apart
when it comes out of the oven. And you can see here I used some of the teardrop
shape and I also used the little ovals. I used dots of the White Gold Glitter to accent
and if you find that your snowflake is a little weak and flimsy after coming out of the oven,
you can flip it over, put it on a piece of card and then just run some translucent liquid
Sculpey or any kind of liquid clay on the back and bake it again and that will strengthen
it. You can just get so creative and of course,
any of these steps that I’m doing I would multiply times six, and just keep adding shapes. Roll little balls, flatten them. Just have fun building yourself snowflakes. As always, it’s my hope to inspire and encourage
you with these videos and if you’ve benefited, consider becoming a patron. You can support these tutorials with a dollar
a month or whatever you can afford and you can check out my Patreon page for details. So here’s another look at the snowflakes I
made. The best thing to do is just to get yourself
a template and a piece of glass and some clay and just start building. So have fun just creating your own unique
one-of-a-kind snowflakes. And if you’re interested in the supplies that
I used, click on the little ‘i’ for information in the upper right or the link in the description
box to go to my blog post. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already
and take a peek at my Patreon page for how you can get great rewards and help support
these videos. Happy creating. Bye bye.


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