Squoosh-o’s Water Beads – D.I.Y. Stress Balls from Horizon Group

– If you squish ’em,
they feel pretty weird. – [Kids] Planet Funhouse! – Welcome back to Planet Funhouse! If you’re just joining us,
it’s good to see you here. And in this video, we’re gonna be making
some DIY stress balls! It’s called a Jelly Squoosh-O’s. And it includes three Squoosh-O’s. And expanding water beads. – Let’s open this puppy up. And let’s see what’s inside. Ready! (gibberish) – Okay, so… (gibberish) – We don’t need this. (glass breaking) Here let’s open this. – Let’s open that, let’s open this. Let’s open that, let’s open this. Let’s open that… – So what it comes with, What it comes with is instructions- – And balloons. – I don’t know what this is. – And balloons. – And balloons. And some expanding beads. Make sure you read all the instructions before you get started. Pick your color balloon. So I picked the purple one- – And I picked the red one! – And Brett picked the red one. Then you get your funnel, and then you put the balloon band on the two lines, or on the middle. After you attach the
balloon to your funnel, make sure you follow the instructions, when you’re separating the water beads. First you wanna pour in
the right amount of beads. Second, you want to grab regular water or just still water. (cha-cha music) Make sure you pour the water
to the bottom of the neck. And you also wanna add
a little bit of vinegar. Now ask a parent or
grown-up to tie the balloon. Make sure the knot is by the base of the neck part of the balloon. After the adult has tied
a knot to the balloon, hey Brett, how many
hours do we have to wait? – Two hours! – Let’s put these away, and then we’ll see you in a little bit. Now we’re back! So this is what it turns out like. And if you squish it,
it feels really weird. (sloshing) If you wanna continue
watching more of our videos, click or tap the screen right here, or if you wanna watch
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